Monday, March 10, 2014

Reflecting on America ... Driving, Driving, Driving

I took the above picture using a cellphone at a State University in Daytona Beach, Florida. I was touring a photo exhibit on campus. You can see my reflection in the glass covering the picture. Click on image to make bigger.

I drove from New England to Florida, and back.

I was in many areas where I was the only White male. I was in areas where English was not spoken and I was the odd man out.

I saw natural beauty, had fun, and did some soul searching.

I noticed a big change.

I have taken these kind of trips before.

Driving, driving, driving ... stopping a couple of hours sleeping while sitting up, suddenly awakening worrying that I have fallen asleep while driving.

There are so many closed gas stations, motels rotting into the ground, and vehicles broken down and abandoned on America's highways. 

I can do the fast forward thing. The NSA would be smart to take the internet away from individuals like me ... and you, the reader of this.

Have had trouble getting into this blog. [So I posted this when I couldn't post here].

A phone number is now required to blog and even to use email. So, the hidden powers have succeeded in licensing the internet using phone numbers. Numbers can be blocked and eliminated.

I was in Daytona Beach not far from the pregnant woman who ran her 3 kids into the ocean in her mini van.

I was across the street from where the Florida Trooper hit an elderly woman in a drug store parking lot, dragged her under his car, and the woman's bloody leg burns is etched into my mind. She did not regain consciousness last I heard. She is in critical condition and her leg was amputated.

The Florida Trooper is not just a Trooper. He is a traffic detective with a history of bad driving, questionable behavior, and even allegedly fixing traffic reports. This Florida Detective was not arrested after the incident and remained driving the same car! Try that as a civilian! [More of this story].

I have posted some of my videos [here].

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This link:
was left in the first comment in a previous post on this blog. It is an interesting read.

Are elected officials who come out about the officially kidnapping of children still being murdered? The Nancy Schafer case talked about [here]. 

[3 must see videos on GMO food]


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