Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Should Monsanto be sued for causing Autism?

I just watched [these 2 documentaries and 1 video] about GMO "food".

I highly recommend that you watch, and share, the videos and link above. 

The bacteria in your gut is genetically modified if you have ever eaten GMO food. The bacteria in your gut modifies you. Monsanto has written legislation that elected officials signed that says Monsanto owns anything that their GMO is found in. If it is found in you, and you are now genetically modified, does Monsanto now own you?

Plants are genetically modified to bust the guts of insects. If GMO can be used to kill rats and make them sterile, what do you think they are also doing to you. Tumors, cancers, digestive, reproductive, allergies, eczema, diseases, genetic mutations, birth defects, early death, and sterilization of populations ... what is not to like?  

Human genes are being added to corn to make spermicides. Insect genes are added to plants to change them. Monsanto and other companies rig the courts and don't want testing done. Most companies are proud and announce their involvement with products. Monsanto legislates to prevent you from knowing what they modify and have legislated using our elected officials, so that they, Monsanto, are immune from criminal and civil liability.

Food allergies are increasing. There is a link between chronic digestion problems and Autism.

If you watch the 3 videos you will not want GMO food, ever.

If more of you out there watch these videos and/or read unbiased research material on this subject, the government may need to add more fluoride and/or other industrial waste and/or radioactive substances into our food and water to further dumb us down and make us more passive.

Get angry and do something. It is your right.

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