Saturday, March 29, 2014

Smart Meters talking to Car Black Boxes, Laptops, & Cellphones?

Background radiation display image was [found here].

What if the international corporate organized crime and banker cartel who have us under stealth armed occupation said, "What if?"

What if there were more electric cars, how would the state collect road taxes, tolls, and have another tool in their redundant spy grid? Smart meters can add the road tax for our occupation.

Well smart meters are allegedly able to talk to newer car black boxes thanks to DARPA. Conventional cars and electric cars are collecting data on a loop in your car. Where was the car driven? What was said in the car while it was driven? Who is in the car? What speed was the car driven? Where was the car parked and for how long? Was the car rolled through any stop signs? Was there any drinking or drug use in the car? Was there any sex or violence in or around the car? Was there any subversive activities against banks, corporations, or energy companies?

So, can a smart meter activate your brakes, acceleration, airbag, prevent the car from running, run you into a tree, or detonate hidden explosives in the car?

If Smart Meters can steal data off of your cell phone and download black box information, isn't that a free 10x strong WiFi connection and mini cell tower that you are already paying for, but is not for your use? Should you get free basic cable and internet if you have a Smart Meter? The broadband signal, low voltage, has long been able to be transmitted over high voltage power lines. Do we need cell towers anywhere there aren't smart meters?

What audio, video, website viewing, and other information can your computer transfer over to your Smart Meter as you type, sleep, or hang out? Has your washer, dryer, and dishwasher turned you in for having guests or wasting water and electricity?

Should your pacemaker be shut off? Should your medication device be told to medicate you? Should sleep. calmness, irritation, or confusion be induced? 

Have you ever wondered how police have been long been able to kick down doors and raid a home at the exact time their target is either showering, having sex, or taking a dump?

The grid has already made the entire US, and most of the world, one big prison complex.

Large open land and water areas will soon be off limits to you. If you can't be monitored, you cannot go. Your home and surrounding area is your prison. You are an inmate. You are subject to any arbitrary rules of the guards. You may have to get a dating license. You may have to pay a tax or fee to international organized crime to have children. You may have to pay to breathe as part of the UN Agenda 21 Carbon Tax.

Elected officials such as McCain, Barack Obama, Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy, Diane Feinstein, etc have their communications and all of their data being collected to. If they do not do as they are told they can also be killed, indefinitely detained, tortured, or covertly murdered. The FBI, IRS, NSA, Mossad, Saudi Intelligence, FDA, EPA etc spy for, and are beholden to, the international corporate/banker organized crime cartel, not us.

Are you hungry for some hot delicious popcorn? Why not set a bowl of popcorn next to a smart meter with 4 cellphones around the bowl? Call all 4 cellphones at the same time. Did any kernels of the poison Monsanto GMO popcorn pop?

Please turn in your guns, sharp knives, and keep your opinions to yourself. International corporate organized crime says so without using words. You should "Stifle and Obey".

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