Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Al Gore's Global Warming Problem

Let's not confuse the junk science of global warming with the real problem of the international corporate/banker military industrial complex pollution of OUR ENVIRONMENT.

The above picture was stolen [from here]. 

It snowed last night where I live on the Massachusetts/Vermont/New Hampshire border.

There is snow on cars, windshields need snow and ice scraped off, and there is snow on the ground. It is April 16, 2014. We are into Spring and we should be having Spring weather.

Al Gore personally made 100's of millions of dollars hocking his Global Warming Scam.

The bankers and corporate pirates that who have us under armed stealth occupation want to tax us to breathe. We need to pay international criminals to breathe, breed, eat, and for all aspects of living.

We are paying for a protection racket and not getting any services. We fund endless wars of our corporate/banker occupation. 

They are fueled by the Federal Reserve scam legislation that was "passed" so many decades ago.

The greatest "saving nation" is now the biggest "debtor nation". The biggest criminals in the history of the world have pulled off the biggest heist in the history of the world. It is all fraud on paper. 

We are funding our own enslavement, rape, robbery, torture, indefinite detention, abuse, and murders.

How stupid are We the People?

Pay "your" taxes and wave your flag!

Better yet, enlist to fight in, or protect, as guards of the corporation and banker cartel's ill gotten gains ... enlist in the "US" National Guard or Armed Forces.  Become a police officer, NSA, TSA, FBI, CIA, or other alphabet agency, distribute child pornography, rape children, rob, beat, torture, confine, and kill at will. As the Nike commercial goes, "Just Do It!"


I believe that the George H. W. Bush plans for a 9/11 to occur in his non-existent 2nd term would have been accomplished by the Al Gore Regime had he been "elected" US President.

More and more people in the US are seeing the scam of puppets, the installed lying scumbags that the international corporate banking cartel uses to further their aims.

We are being kicked off our own property as the New Native Americans. Our women are being raped by the soldiers and police who are the lackeys of the corporate occupation. Our children are being poisoned by the Corporate Drug Dealers, Big Pharma. We eat poison Monsanto GMO "food" and "voted" to not have the poison ingredients labeled.

Police are using tax dollars to arm their street gangs and army of police informants to terrorize, abuse, beat, frame, and even kill us. The occupation and their thugs can collect the "booties of war", raping, robbing, torturing, indefinitely detaining, and murdering us at their will.

Surveillance can be used by official sexual predators to stalk and quarry their prey. It is for taking inventory. It is for the most efficient robbing and murdering in bulk. 

Assholes who abuse us need to pained in the ass on a stick as punishment for their crimes against humanity ... or worse. Until these tyrants fear that we will get medieval on them, they will keep doing what they are doing.

Silence signifies acceptance.

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It is a Capital Crime against the Corporate Occupation to be a rancher, farmer, gardener, self-employed, own a small business, have religion, an intact family, own a home, or have an independent mind informing others.

It is time to do some monopoly and head busting ...


Anonymous Greg Bacon said...

The REAL perps behind the 9/11 False Flag had stacked the card deck so that no matter who won, they would be in position to carry out their attacks.

If Gore had been elected Prez and wouldn't go along the 9/11 Inside Job part assigned to American traitors, he would've had some kind of accident and that sleazy bottom-feeding Joe Lieberman, Gore's VP candidate, would be made president and gladly went along to help the nation where his true allegiance lies, Israel.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014 11:36:00 AM  

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