Monday, April 07, 2014

Are you a registered occupant, guest, or visitor?

"Identify yourself, name all occupants in the dwelling! Do it now!"

Ski masked thug picture was found in a post about dating, date rape, and happy endings [found here].

With smart phones and other electronic devices police already know who you are dating, married to, hanging out with, and what your connection to others is. They may be listening to your conversations through your phone, computer, or other devices. My high definition camera has GPS and WiFi capability so I assume that also can be jacked. Video camera on laptops and on phones can be activated even when the device is off. There is no red light that will illuminate to let you know that you are being snooped on. The Police State wants to acclimate you to random checks on dwellings and land parcels to see who is on, on in, to verify identities of all that are there, any time of day, or night!

I have experienced barbecuing out in the yard where a police officer in a ski mask asks me to identify myself and then checks out what I am cooking asking about the meat. I have experienced being in a dwelling where a police officer wearing a ski mask is spying on us through a window, knocks on it, and then demands that we all identify ourselves. No one had broken any laws or was suspected of anything. A 20 something adult had been pulled over for drinking and driving, police found medicine he did not have a prescription for, so they raided and searched his apartment, slamming and dumping stuff from midnight to 7 AM in the morning, when he was in lock up, and then harassed and then police wearing ski masks terrorized all tenants of the dwelling who had nothing to do with the alleged drunk driver. 

It has been widely reported that in Long Island, New York, police are setting up, or are already, going to doors demanding to know who is in a dwelling to route out illegal occupants who are not registered to a dwelling. Police can refuse to answer 911 calls into them or even to protect and serve. There only job is to protect the integrity of the State which is really just a thinly disguised international corporate organized crime and banker stealth armed occupation. Police are armed revenue collectors, property confiscators, official kidnappers of children from good families, and guards for the state. 

Okay, one paragraph where I spout off about my story. I was staying in a camper near a horse farm above Connecticut in Massachusetts. I woke up one morning to find two Connecticut State Cruisers out in the street where officers go out, crossed their arms, and stared at me. Given what the police stalking I endured in the past, I then left that location to eventually hide up in the woods out in the snow in Vermont, homeless. Previously I had owned rental properties, had an intact family, a contracting business, a retirement, credit, and a future. Police stalking of me, and spying on me, for advocating paying less property taxes and for being self-employed ended my life as I once knew it. [Story] [Video]

Couch surfers, have been, and are now targeted. Maybe Snowbirds and other travelers are going to be targets for more fees, fines, property confiscation, arrests, and prison. If you are not paying towns, cities, states, and the corporate/banking interests who run them, some sort of fees, you are being sought, spied on, and cataloged for correction. Eat at a restaurant at a table for more than four and police may just have to investigate the purpose. Surveillance cameras in restaurants and bars can, and are, monitored by police. A police cruiser pulling up behind a bus can access the cameras and audio on the bus and then pull over the bus to talk to any occupant on the bus even if it is an attractive woman or girl the male officer wants a date with.

Camping is becoming a crime. So is hiking. If you are legally hunting or fishing, police and other officials are using old fashioned binoculars and some pretty high tech gadgets to target you. Have chicken, pigs, cows, sheep, or a garden, even in a rural area and the corporate occupation considers you a terrorist. These criminals want to ban fire as a pollutant so you can't be self-sufficient or keep warm without having to transact through them. UN Agenda 21 is their plan.

Why would the state want to target and eradicate the Amish? Do you want your tax dollars used to put Amish people in prison at $100 +/day each inmate? Do you want the self-employed, gardeners, small business owners, and the outspoken likewise targeted?

Show some hate for the corporate occupation. Use cash, trade with neighbors, keep your family intact, have garage sales cash only, chop, split, stack, and use firewood. Even if you are not religious, maybe check out a religious service for the community unity before the international corporate occupation makes that illegal too. Vote independent, not occupation.

Biometric Police State Gaining New Ground

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Published on Apr 7, 2014
Biometric Police State Gaining New Ground, While The NWO Pillages What is Left Of The Global Economy.
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