Sunday, April 06, 2014

Classified Anti-Hijacking Drone Type Flying of Hijacked Aircraft from late 1980's?

The above image was [found here]. 

I talked to a retired US Veteran who said he used to pilot F-14s. We talked about the allegedly classified system to permanently prevent hijacking of all first world planes. A system that can be initiated to take away pilot's ability to fly the plane if there is a cockpit fire, medical emergency, or if pilots are under the control of armed hijackers. Those in the know are talking about this and it might have been impossible to hijack planes without insider help or some sort of black operation being initiated. The Veteran said the system was in widespread use from the late 1980's.

Modern cars can be hacked so that airbags deploy without an accident occurring, where braking systems can steer a car into a tree, brakes not work, sudden acceleration, cut power to the motor, and/or triggering an explosive device planted in the car. Google has plans to have driver-less 18 wheeler cargo trucks.

Why can't an airplanes "fly-by-wire" system be hacked into and the plane crashed into the ocean or a building?

Bootlegger Joe Kennedy's first born son was killed using a drone aircraft loaded with bombs as the fly-by-wire system was not as good in World War II. So, Jack Kennedy was the one to become US President, not his older brother as was expected. These systems are nothing new. 

So, was the latest "hijacked" plane an aircraft that had its anti-hijacking take-over system hacked?

Will military and other insiders who know about this system get life in prison or be stealthily executed if they let the cat out of the bag?


I also talked to a US Korean War Veteran. He said back then, we knew what we were fighting for and our leaders weren't obvious complete assholes.

The veteran also talked about international elites acting for their interests, not ours. 

Many elderly having coffee in groups mid mornings at McDonalds have a similar opinion of Obama and the international corporate organized crime occupation of America.

When aren't these lying lawyers scumbags not lying and ripping us off? 

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