Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Harry Reid, Cattle Rustler and Sell-Out

Above image was lifted from [this blog]. 

[Nevada US Senator Harry Reid] seems to have enriched himself, his family, and his friends at your expense. California US Senator Diane Feinstein has made 100's of millions. Former US Senator Chris Dodd took bribes from international bankers when he was on the Banking Committee. It is like we have Gremlins in government.

[Arnold Schwarzenegger] and George W. Bush got into office in large part because of [Enron] criminals. 

How were Gremlins dealt with in the Gremlins movie?

Harry Reid is guilty for treason. He has aligned himself with foreign investors against average American interests. Reid is a cattle rustler. 

Americans aren't domestic terrorists. We are victims of an armed stealth invasion. The international corporate organized crime and banker cartel own us. They can rob, rape, indefinitely detain, sterilize us, poison us, abuse, kick us off land, and even murder us at well. They have decided that we don't deserve Free Speech or any US Constitution. 

People are getting it.

COMPLETE INTERVIEW: Rand Paul On Harry Reid Calling Bundy Supporters Domestic Terrorists

Text with video:

Published on Apr 18, 2014


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