Thursday, April 24, 2014

Random GPS, grid, cell, internet, and service BLACKOUTS?

I just did an image search on "cutting wires" and the above was in the first 10, so I posted it. The photo, [found here], is probably completely unrelated to this post. 

I travel around quite a bit on roads, on foot, and off the beaten track. I talk to people from all walks of life, daily.  I have noticed some interesting things.

There have been random power outages going on. Cell service where there should be strong and reliable service can now be patchy. The internet goes in and out where it was almost 100% reliable in the past.

Your GPS can soon become useless, or interrupted at will. Do you have, or remember how to use, maps?

Your GPS, cellphone, and other devices can be used as a target point for radiation, electronic pulse attacks, and for other weapons based on the ground, in the air, and from satellite. The international organized crime corporate and banking cartel control all military, police, "courts of law", and all military and electronic hardware and software. You are under stealth armed occupation no matter where in the world that you are.

Are shut off and interruption switches being tested? Is the general public being tested?

If these "services" suddenly do not come back on, what would you do?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where I live in Oregon, a large town which should always have reliable DSL/internet connection and service, hasn't been getting it lately. Keep getting in and out cut-offs.

Saturday, April 26, 2014 5:24:00 PM  

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