Wednesday, April 09, 2014

We serve the police, not the other way around

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I was told by a police officer in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, this before 9/11:

"I don't work for you. You work for me."

"You do as I tell you or I will beat you and arrest you."

It turns out that overweight officer who was living with his mother at the time was right. Citizens do serve the police.

There are false cell towers. Police can look at all your videos, pictures, know all the content of all your calls and texts. They can know all of your locations using the phones GPS logs.

If you are allowed to be in a dwelling, to have employment, to associate with others, to have a significant other, to have children, to have your own children in your life, if you go to prison, or even if you live or die is all up to police meeting in secret.

At roll call police figure out how to collect more revenue, confiscate more property, assets and cash. They decide what business is allowed. Police decide who they have dibs on for sexual and other purposes. We the people are at their service. Crime is farmed by police for their benefit and profit. Anything and everything is really owned by the police.

Ritt Goldstein [exposed this] back in December 1996 in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee and then fled seeking political asylum in Sweden after making [this video]. Police can rape women, abduct citizens wearing ski masks, torture them in abandoned waterfront warehouses, rob and break into houses, beat citizens at will, help connected husbands beat their wives and then arrest the wife for assault, frame citizens, main, and even use tax dollars to have you killed. Police were openly domestically spying on citizens and abusing whomever they pleased pre-9/11. Police did not investigate and prosecute themselves for crimes committed.

The NSA, CIA, TSA, IRS, DHS etc. decide if you are allowed to have a driver's license, use of your money, and almost all aspects of what you think is your life.

You television remote most likely has a microphone that is always powered and on. Your laptop, television, and other devices may transmit video and audio even while off. When you are going through a drive-thru a surveillance camera is collecting your bio-metric and other data. Thousands of video, audio, and text files are stored on you everyday. You pay for this. Did you agree to pay for this and to be in debt to foreign criminal corporate thugs and bankers?

Sexual predators, thieves, thugs, and psychopaths are collecting your images, video, conversations, and have all the information to dismantle, or profit from, every aspect of your life. You are for their amusement. If you are not for their program, at some point you will be dealt with. 

Elected officials are all being likewise spied on. They are owned as well. They do not act for us, they act to receive trinkets, praise from their international corporate/banker masters, and fear being toasted by those who are spying on them in the shadows.

All sorts of money is being spent to make more efficient, less expensive, silent, and undetectable ways to kill you. So, when do you think they are going to roll all this stuff out and use it?

The New Freedom! Taser Bracelets!

Text with video:

Published on Apr 8, 2014
On this Tuesday, April 8 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down explosive situations occurring in both the U.S. and abroad. Supporters of Nevada cattle rancher Cliven Bundy violated an unconstitutional "Free Speech Zone" by staging a rally to support the rancher, who is currently embroiled in a conflict with the Bureau of Land Management over grazing rights. In other news, House Republicans are pushing for criminal charges against former IRS employee Lois Lerner relating to the IRS's targeting of Tea Party groups. And abroad, Russian media is claiming that an American mercenary group is teaming up with Right Sector fascists to try and prevent eastern Ukraine from joining Russia.


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