Sunday, May 04, 2014

6 Figure Salary Cops Drive These and Wear Military Uniforms

I drive around Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. I drive vehicles that are not registered to me. I see a lot and often I am a fly on the wall.

There is no excuse for so many struggling, and who are out of work, should be paying for steroid junkies who are too stupid to collect shopping carts at Wal-Mart 6 figure salaries to dress up as GI-Joe and terrorize anyone who is out on the roads or in public. I would have loved to have flipped off and spit on the jokers who were in camouflage fatigues with the word "Police" on the front. I didn't because I did not want to take a ride in their armed car, get tortured, and then thrown in some unmarked grave.

I know I am having fun with the writing of this, but I am mostly serious on all points ...

The above vehicle has a turret on top, bullet proof glass, is hardened to prevent it being blown up by land mines, and it is set up so 10 or more heavily armed police can hang on the outside during a raid. No one here even drives around much at night. If there aren't many cars out on the road, police will pull you over just to search your car, threaten, harass, and try to confiscate or collect any revenue they can get away with.

These jokers are hot rodding this armored car around while you pay for their 4 mile per gallon toy. 

Those who most profit from your tax dollars take all that they can in secret ... nice huh???!!!

The international corporate and banker occupation may make America worse than the former USSR ever was. I want to be "Free" and "American" at the same time. I want to opt out of this current BS Police State.

The above vehicle had two police officers, thrusting their chests out like they were Rambo, James Bond,  and the Terminator all rapped up in one. Where I was, there was almost no activity, most people have lost their full time jobs due to Obamacare and the only people who can throw money around like there is no tomorrow is officials, police, and defense industry workers.

Federal Reserve "Cops" drive their white SUVs at 90 miles an hour and higher all over the place 2 hours in all directions of Boston. They drive too fast to flip off as they pass. The Federal Reserve isn't even a bank, it is foreign criminal cabal of bankers who have wrecked the world wherever they can for centuries. 

The parasites are sucking the blood out of the entire country.

We the people can't afford this police state and all these wars.

Billionaire douche bags like Michael Bloomberg want to tell us how to live, what to do, what to eat, what to drink, and then disarm all of us, dismantling the US Constitution with the money he and his cronies stole from us.

The defense industry bribes elected officials so we are paying for this military build up, stealth weapons, drones, bombs, bio-weapons, landmines, electronic weapons, depleted uranium, spy satellites, aircraft, and other hardware that we don't need and can't afford.

It is UN Agenda 21. The international organized crime and banker cartel has the world under armed occupation.

Eat your GMO food, drink your fluoride water ... there is nothing to see here.  

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