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Cops threaten to beat and arrest you for voting

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Cops, pre-9/11, were illegally domestically spying on citizens to see how you were going to vote. Police, some garbage collectors, teachers, un-elected officials, judicial branch workers, DCF, workers for elected officials, and others belong to a huge, international criminal, goon union.  They pay dues to this union. Some powerful people with huge amounts of money have infiltrated our entire way of life.

Police tried to recruit me to become a police officer and help them route out and ruin the self-employed, small business owners, gun owners, and the outspoken. They wanted me to go after people like me. I was appalled and refused to break laws for police to become an officer. I stared true evil right in the face and was toasted for not shutting up and going along. Police were wholesale illegally tapping phones, trolling internet use, planting bugs in homes, and having microphones and surveillance cameras strung from poles pre-9/11. 

This same thing was happening nationwide at the same time. What did insiders know was coming pre-9/11 and what were they putting in place for the planned event?

I advocated paying less property taxes in Stafford Springs, Connecticut pre-9/11. Police told me I would be arrested if I voted, talked to others at public forums at town hall, if I talked to elected officials, if I talked to news reporters, and if I spoke at the Stafford Springs Crime Watch which I co-founded.

I flagrantly disobeyed a direct police order and voted, wrote letters to the editor printed in newspapers, spoke at crime watch meetings, and told others in town my opinions.

Police were using informants to get hot 14 years olds alcohol, marijuana, and even crack cocaine to ply them for sex. Young girls could then provide officers with regular sexual gratification, become part of the police informant gang, engage in prostitution, and help with other police officer rackets. A 14 year old prostitute girlfriend of a cop in Enfield allegedly had written the penis sizes of almost all of the local officers on her bedroom wall. [Donny Christmas] told me that story. The 14 year old prostitute girlfriend of the officer attacked Donny for his evicting her and her prostitute mother and sister. Donny faced a year in prison, no deals.

Ritt Goldstein exposed the build up of illegal police tactics and citizen abuse pre-9/11. After making [this video] of testimony in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee, Goldstein was so terrorized, abused, and fearing for his life, that he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum.

Ex-wife of a police officer talks about her husband hanging out drunk with DCF women in bars and handing out baggies of pot. [video]

Police told me I was kicked out of the State of Connecticut and that they were going to ruin my marriage, make me lose my property and contracting business, estrange me from my daughter, send me to prison and then kick me out of Connecticut. I broke no laws and they did just that. Police also told me that I would take my last ride in cruiser trunk with my teeth kicked out in handcuffs.

19 year old police officer nephew "Jay Bone" Drice (sp?) chased me into my house with a snubby revolver after I told him he couldn't sell drugs off my front yard. He quickly left my house realizing me gun was bigger. I no longer have any guns due to circumstances that later occurred. Police at that time told me I would be arrested for reporting crimes, that I would get no protection and service from them no matter what, and that I should just shut up and mind my own business!

The Connecticut State Police allegedly ran the "Diaper Gang" in Stafford Springs. Youths would beat and rob citizens using baseball bats. I named many of the members to the police. Gang members told me that the police want their help going after me, and did not want to arrest them. I broke no laws.

I was jumped on my property by 3 [Diaper Gang] members. One had a 2x4 with nails sticking out of it. He tried to bash me in the face with it. I punched him in the face, picked him up by his testicles and neck and threw him against the siding of my house. All 3 broke off the attack and left. I had told these youths that they were not allowed to sell crack cocaine near or off my property. I didn't report that attack to police because I was earlier arrested for telling cocaine dealer Peter Pancierra that he couldn't sell cocaine near my property and he punched me in the face and bit into my ear. I dialed 911 and police found me bleeding down to my underwear when they arrived about an hour later. Officer "Fat Frank" Prochaska got witnesses, who were drug customers of the dealer, to change their stories of not seeing the attack, to saying I attacked the huge, thug, drug dealer. I faced a year and a half in prison, huge fines, paying huge lawyer fees, and losing everything. My wife, and I, quit sleeping together and were later divorced after the first Prochaska attempt to railroad me to prison. [more] My wife was upset we might have lost our house, my contracting business, and all our savings over the arrest.

Officer "Fat Frank" Prochaska told me he was going to "comfort" my wife while I was in lockup. I was in his backseat in handcuffs when he said this. Prochaska had previously threatened me with arrest for feeding my wife macaroni and cheese, because Prochaska didn't want my wife getting fat, as Prochaska was listening to private conversations in my bedroom and was stalking me, threatening me, and telling me I was kicked out of Connecticut prior to the arrest. Police spying on you to know what you eat for dinner and when, and how you have, sex should be considered completely over the top. Prochaska would wait for me to leave for work and say things like, "So, you didn't get any last night, did you?"

Prochaska was also threatening to arrange that I never see my daughter again. My daughter and I have been permanently estranged since I was railroaded to prison for being attacked on my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, property when another police informant terrorized me and stalked me for weeks, attacked, me and then continued to attack me as many as 7 times before I got prison for being an American in a Police State.

If police fuel a crime way they get more taxpayer money and support. Money can be made by police from the selling of drugs, prostitution, breaking into houses, fencing the stolen goods, and with other police and rigged court operator scams. Get left property or money from a relative, and organized crime, lawyers, judges, and the police might figure how to rip you off, use court gag orders to silence you, threaten you with prison, beat you, and even murder you if you speak out about their having ripped you off.

Connecticut State Police watched in front of my property as Diaper Gang member Stephen "Stevie" Carver smashed my windows while on probation. Officer refused to arrest Carver for smashing my windows in front of them. I believe it was JT Turner, a felon on probation, who was caught hanging out of my garage door window when he got stuck there breaking into my garage. Turner wasn't arrested and I had to pay, myself, for the damage done to my property. Police told me they under no obligation to protect and serve me and would arrest me if I had a problem with that.

Stephen Weatherwax was breaking into houses, mostly to steal firearms and look for pain killers that he was addicted to. He openly sold stolen firearms. He had his young sons sell drugs on street corners and help with break-ins. [Pictures of Stephen Weatherwax after he shot a pig in the head with an illegal gun behind my former properties in Stafford Springs, Connecticut]. State Police refused to investigate Weatherwax when he had a cache of stolen guns in his pickup truck, but threatened to arrest me if I did not shut my mouth.

Crack cocaine addict [Peter Coukos] told me he paid selectman John Julian $5000 to take my rental properties from me and was given help getting a gun permit because he sexually harassed my then 14 year old daughter and helped police terrorize me out of Connecticut. Peter Coukos got my properties like it was a fire sale. He told me that he scammed the Connecticut State Police to help him take my properties from me as he punched me in the back of the head telling me he wanted my daughter to get on her knees and blow him. I didn't turn around as he beat me as I was already facing prison from getting attacked on the same property and knew police were waiting around the corner for me to fight back. I got railroaded to prison. Coukos got a gun permit, my property, and got rich at your and my expense.

Connecticut State Police were found to have ripped off taxpayers claiming to have worked overtime on Homeland Security details. That is theft and fraud. Officers guilty of fraud, theft, and other felonies were not disciplined and did not have to pay back money they ripped off from taxpayers.

If police lied about, concocted, or shot children or had their operatives shoot children in the Newtown Sany Hook Connecticut school shooting it would mean more money, more power, and being able to be paid to kick in doors, confiscate guns, rape women and girls, and steal cash, assets, and property from their victims. [The Peter Reilly story] best shows the Connecticut State Police and most cops of the nation for their real intent and mode of operation.

A US Marine can return home to Connecticut, see police beating teens for wearing baggy pants at McDonalds, make a report against police, police pay police informant Todd Vashon to kill the US Marine, Vashon gets cold feet, it ends up on the news, and then felon police informant David J. Taylor stabs the US Marine 13 times and two other bystanders. David J. Taylor is not violated on probation for almost murdering three people, proving the Judges are Whores for corruption and Policing in the State of Connecticut is a scam. The Marine wakes up in the hospital, alive, and then is arrested facing 6 months in prison for causing a disturbance having been stabbed 13 times! [The Murzin story]. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Attorney John Williams (Civil Rights attorney in N. Haven, CT) just emailed me. I LOST MY CIVIL RIGHTS CASE, because Attorney Frank McCoy of Hartford, CT., drummed up a document, that states: "My attorney advised me not to sign this, but I want to hurry up and get this over with. I also would like to waive the CT. Statute that bars the attorney from profiting off the case more than the plaintiff."
You know know how maimed I am for the rest of my life. Why would I agree to get $18,000.00, from a $100,000.00 policy, allowing the attorney to get $33,333.33? He paid out $3,000.00 to HARTFORD MEDICAL GROUP, and left me to pay back MEDICARE, $42,000.00?
I NEVER agreed to that, and we NEVER discussed this.
The FEDERAL JUDGE used that, as his reason for dismissing my civil rights case in summary judgement. It took (7 1/2 years) to get this ruling!!!!
He made up another document (I have them all) and used a MAGIC MARKER, to put my INITIALS next to all the changes, like I was there, and agreed to them. I WAS NOT EVEN IN HIS OFFICE. I SAW McCOY about (3) times in (4) years. Kim Buswell was the honest paralegal who told me all this was going to happen. She was fired during the time I was there. I have an email from her, that they do NOT have.
Thank you for being here, and I surely understand, what you went through, with CT. trooper and lawyers, even more now.
I had to relocate to warmer weather, per my doctor, because the fusion is so painful in the cold.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 12:34:00 PM  

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