Friday, May 09, 2014

Elites wanting to go from Biological to Digital?

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The elites have long toyed with the idea of being immortal. Going digital might just be a not so distant future possibility. There then would be an even greater push to get rid of those the elites consider unworthy of immortality.

There is something human that cannot be seen. Some call it one's, "Soul."

Psychopaths and sociopaths have no soul, they are biological robots. Too many biological robots want instant gratification for themselves and receive pleasure chemicals from their own brains when they cause others to suffer harm and death.

DARPA has allegedly long been experimenting about unlocking the reptilian, or most basic brain functions. WiFi like signals could be used to make you drive into a tree or groups of drivers to drive into opposing traffic. But, interfacing the brain with computers may have actually gone way beyond that.

The subject is presented on the big screen with the movie, "Transcendence", starring Johnny Depp [IMDb list].

The Federal Reserve Act was a scam pulled over 100 years ago to rip off the masses for the benefit of the few. We are being kicked off our own land like the original Native Americans. We are being sent to the new version of the Reservation.

The less than 1%, owns, or is out to own, 99% to all land, resources, minerals, rights, energy, and the sum total that is the planet. Their scam on paper, and electronic, should not be allowed to stick. 

Fire, self-sufficiency, farming, ranching, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, boating, outdoor recreation, transacting amongst ourselves without banks or corporations, reproducing, dating without a corporate license, and having free thought and opinions is becoming illegal. The international occupiers are exempt from their own rules. There are two classes. UN Agenda 21 is about about the elite taking adverse possession of all that is ours, not theirs. We need to have our own independent adverse possession and eradicate the elite psychopaths in a method vermin deserve.

I think a lot can be learned from Bob Hurt's theories of "Adverse Possession" in taking our whole country back from the international corporate banking cartel's stealth occupation of most of the world. [Bob Hurt interviewed by Steven G. Erickson, audio, click here]

It is time to see the enemy for what it is. It is time to fight back while there is still the ability to ensure our own survival. Tick, tick, tick ...


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