Wednesday, May 07, 2014

If God had one Nuclear Weapon to Improve Humanity

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If God had one Nuclear Weapon to Improve Humanity

A very short Essay by Steven G. Erickson

If God had one nuclear weapon, where would he detonate it to most improve humanity?

Well, maybe ground zero should be the Bell Haven section of Greenwich, Connecticut, the alleged birthplace of a meeting center for the world’s elite, and pedophiles, for centuries.

Hopefully CIA Mafia Don, and Cocaine Drug Kingpin, George H. W. Bush was visiting friends at the time of ignition in Greenwich, Connecticut. The World could be a better place.

Hopefully billionaire Michael Bloomberg would be hanging out in New York City on Wall St., or near the UN, where UN officials, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were also hanging out.

The rest of America, and the World, could be a better place ...

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