Saturday, June 21, 2014

Federal Gas Tax Increase and Elimination of Private Property?

Image stolen [from here]. 

There is a push to massively increase the federal fuel tax.

There is a push to eliminate the US Constitution, including the owning of private property. 

The Federal Reserve Act, selling us to foreign bankers and corporate organized crime, occurred when bankers and the elite opened a special legislative session when most of the voting elected officials were on Winter Holiday.

Government was opened up for the "vote".

The majority of the land in the US is ours, we are the new native Americans. Banks who are a foreign stealth occupation print paper money with their printing presses and make up value with key strokes, charge unreasonable interest, and even no interest on properties they don't own, and then repossess the property we already own when we can't afford their over-inflated "rent" to breathe, eat, and live our daily lives.

If you don't believe me, start doing some simple word searches and get real results with real information while you still can. Read. What you learn in as little as one day can change your life. If you are here reading this, maybe you are already one of the growing number of those who are informed. Democrat, Republic, or whatever label, the corporate devils give you, it is a distraction. They want us divided, so they, the less that 1/10 of one percent can lay waste to all of us, using us to do their dirty work against each other.

Wake up. 

Do we really believe a [CIA operative] who appoints bank executives, Wall Street raiders, and corporate organized crime to regulatory and key positions in the US Government, was "elected" by we the people?

Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy exist ... right?

Fight back, talk back, don't eat shit and accept that it is your "lunch".

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