Sunday, June 15, 2014

I Dream of Freedom (From USA Police State)

Image was [found here]. 

I found the video below after reading the Scott Huminski June 11, 2014, comment in [this post].

From what I gather, Mr. Huminski is suing the Police State of Connecticut over their abuse of the US Constitution and citizens who live there, or just happen to pass through.

My beef with Connecticut State Police Brutality and Rigged Courts, [Click Here].

I hope Scott will email me at stevengerickson At yahoo dot com


[source of video on youtube]


The State of Connecticut was where a large number of Nazis located to be integrated into Big Pharma for Bio-Weapons research, secret policing, establishing shadow governments, teaching torture, and using clandestine domestic spying and rigged courts to subjugate the population and target the self-employed, the outspoken, the self-sufficient, and those who could best fight the international corporate organized crime and banker occupation. 

[Link to above video on RT America]


[Steven G. Erickson's not so nice thoughts on Father's Day]


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