Wednesday, June 04, 2014

When Unknowns Jack your Computers

Above image was found [here]. 

Police use cut-outs as computer hackers, thugs, and operatives to place the blame on those other than themselves.

I have talked to hackers that allege that they hack computers for lawyers, elected officials, police, and those elite who are hidden and who are really in charge.

Your video and blog content can be altered, erased, and hidden from word searches.

When my computers became jacked or inoperable, and when he same thing happened to my back up computer, and then to anyone's whose I borrowed, bad things began to happen.

It happened back in the mid 1990's when police in the State of Connecticut told me that I was not allowed to own a home, vote, be married, have my contracting business, and that I was to shut up or I would take my last ride in a police cruiser trunk, in handcuffs, with my teeth kicked out. I was also told that I would spend the rest of my life in prison and that I was kicked out of Connecticut ... but my wife could stay.

I didn't realize that police were spying on me because I was self-employed and that they had a secret agenda to eradicate the self-employed and small business owners that are not police and/or Mafia connected. 

Police told me, "If you mess with a man's livelihood, there will be consequences."

I was advocating paying less property taxes over my cell phone and land line. I didn't realize police were listening to all my calls. I broke no laws. Police would block my driveway and repeat word for word, private conversations my wife and I had in our bedroom. Police would mock me saying I didn't get any the next morning mocking me. The worst was being told I had just taken a dump and make weird noises.

I met the domestic spies at the other side of the phone conversation and computer screen.

I got railroaded to prison in 2002, and was kicked out of Hartford Connecticut County Jail for being an "asshole". Captain Murphy told me that Connecticut State Police told him I was complete piece of shit and that I was being kicked out if his jail for being an asshole and was being sent to Bergin CI in Storrs, Connecticut, so Troop C Connecticut State Police could have the final solution with me.

I was in prison for resisting being beaten up by a police informant who attacked me on my property with a knife, stalking me, telling me and my tenant he was going to kill me and leaving me voice mails. I got a year in prison for pepper spraying him to end the attack in my dark driveway.

My daughter hasn't been in my life since then. That is something police were openly threatening me with prior to my false arrest if I did not shut my "Big Mouth", quit voting, talking to elected officials, and informing others of what laws police and riggers of courts were perpetrating. I never stopped ... and there are consequences ...

Well, my computers are being hacked again, and I am wondering what is going to happen this time ...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sound like a very paranoid person. It's almost impossible to understand what may actually have happened, since your description is badly skewed towards supporting your persecution fantasies.

Thursday, June 19, 2014 10:42:00 PM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

Before police told me I was not allowed to vote, be married, have my daughter in my life, have a contracting business, own a home, and speak my opinion, I did. What happened after I called police officers "gimpy", "Momma's Boy", "Pedophile", "Fag Boy", "Dimwit", "Fart Breath", etc on my cell phone and over a land line that I knew police officers were listening to when one of them thought that he, not me, should have my wife?

Well, that is the rest of the story. I have over 20,000 blog posts, posted. Prove even one word of any of them is a lie. I state my name. There is enough of the record left to prove every word I say is the truth.

Again, I state my name, do you?

Saturday, June 21, 2014 7:56:00 PM  
Blogger Anne-Kristine said...

Yo "anonymous"....he is NOT paranoid, because Troop H detectives, blocked my driveway, and then circled MY home, in attempts to scare/threaten me to drop my complaint against one of their own.
They claimed they "could not get ahold of me on the phone", which is stupid. The "blocked call" that had come into our home, was a threat, to "drop the complaint or you will never be able to drive on rte 91, ever again."
Our phone worked at the time.
Them showing up,unannounced, and making a scene in my yard, was then reported to Troop H supervisor by me. I had "counsel" at that time, and these detectives were aware of that. They are all bullies, so was my personal injury attorney. He is why I lost the civil rights case. I had no idea he went and made up documents, copied/pasted my signature on them and submitted them to everyone except me. I had no idea of this until they were emailed to me in 2011! He flat out said: "I knew you would not like the outcome, so I had to do this." He granted the drunk driver "imdemnity", and made up a new document, that waived a CT. state statute, which bars an attorney from profiting off the case, more than the plaintiff. I never signed that! WHY WOULD I? I have (8) titanium screws and a plate in my neck from a (4) level cervical fusion, that I am still being treated for. How stupid for the civil rights attorney to believe without question, a document, that does not make any sense. I even emailed him to tell him, "I never signed this document." No response at all....
The agencies in this state are truthfully challenged. My attorney was also playing into their hands, as he would not take my case to trial, because he would have to talk about "spoilation of evidence", that Trooper Dowe, got away with.
He actually got away with all the same things, that INTERNAL AFFAIRS found him guilty of.Four, unsigned reports, and I was not even mentioned on any of them. She refused to do the field sobriety test, then he claimed, "she was too shaken up to do it". Anyone else would be arrested for refusing to do it. He was relieved of duty, UNPAID, for (6) weeks. Failure to interview (2) male witnesses, that overheard her saying, she was going to lie, and say a "phantom car, hit her from behind." Therefore, the destroyed bumper was my proof, of her bullshitting a horny CT, State trooper....he was thinking with his penis that night, and apparently, this is considered "normal, routine behavior" for the police. Imagine this trooper, taking the bumper after the fire burned down, and put it in his police car, to take it personally to the scrap yard, and a FEDERAL JUDGE found that to be perfectly FINE? Good old Connecticut, the constitution state, or state of corruption?
Three days ago, I was notified by John Williams, that this same judge, ruled in favor of the trooper. Meanwhile, I live in this neckbrace, for the rest of my life. She got a brand new car, and is back out there, drinking vodka and cranberry, on the same roads you drive on.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014 10:13:00 AM  
Blogger Anne-Kristine said...

FYI: I noticed yesterday, that over 100 saved emails have suddenly disappeared from my cox email account. Someone is afraid??? I printed them all out already, so your hacker, is a day late and a dollar short.
You are so busted with you lies, and knowingly making out documents that would adversly affect the outcome of my civil rights case. ($5,000.00 retainer)
"Don't sue the trooper", is all McCoy kept saying to me.
The trooper not giving her even a warning, is why this whole thing, played out, NOT in favor of the maimed, innocent driver, who had no impairment while driving.
Add "hacking" to the list of corruption. I am shocked by nothing anymore.
I also notice I do better when I represent myself. My CHRO complaint back in 2002, was a victory for me, and I did it pro se'.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014 10:25:00 AM  

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