Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Couch Surfing to Newtown, Connecticut

The above image was [found here].

It has been at least a couple of weeks since I slept in Newtown. I don't like to publicize when I intend to cross over the border into Connecticut, especially Newtown. [This post] with its comments gives a hint. [Anne Kristine Blake's case] exposes just how far, and sloppily, official goons will go in retaliating against an inside whistle blower.

The first thing I noticed, is that my cell phone did not work around most of Newtown. There is vast wealth and influence. If these elites wanted cell service and towers, the best in the world, they would have it. Are they afraid of the spying and health damaging radiation?

There was no huge police presence and there was little evidence, a couple of weeks ago for me, that the quaint little town made global headlines. Newtown is known as a transition, meeting, and living place for elites in the spy, FBI, NSA, CIA, Israeli Intelligence, spooks in the TSA and DHS, Connecticut State Police Intelligence operatives, corporate military arms people, and some of the shadiest bankers and international crime figures in the world. So, I didn't sleep soundly while staying on a couch out in the art gallery out on an estate. The art gallery was once a barn.

I happened to catch Connecticut State Senator [Martin M. Looney] speaking on [CT-N], the Connecticut Government Channel, reporting on what goes on in [Connecticut Government]. It was about 8 to 9 PM when I was watching was most likely a live broadcast. Looney was speaking and very important legislation was being voted on by votes by hands, there were only 3 to 5 legislators there voting. So, only a handful of legislators are deciding budgets and policy. Very scary stuff, indeed, it shows most citizens are oblivious to the scam which is government, policing, the courts, and our stealth occupation at the hands of bankers and international organized crime.

I am mostly embedding video I like and making a few of my own, [posted here], and not blogging as often as I once did.

I probably am still on lists like the [Connecticut Secret Police Arrest on Sight Enemies List]. Connecticut policing is just not about brutality, raping, robbing, beating, and torturing, indefinitely detaining, and even murdering you. It is probably ground zero for the push to eliminate the US Constitution and national sovereignty.

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