Monday, July 21, 2014

Security Theater

Random pictures below. Click on any of them to make larger. My videos and favorites can be [found here].

Written in red on the boarded up ATM, "Drone Strikes Suck".

Barbed wire, and nails pounded up through a board below.
"Welcome Neighbor!"

[Another post with random pictures, click here]


I drive around and wonder when the shit will hit the fan.

I was told I was kicked out of a state for being self-employed. Police told me I was not allowed to vote, own a home, have my contracting business, free speech, to be married, to date after police helped wreck my marriage, to have my daughter in my life, or to have anything I had sweat and saved for.

Small businesses and homes for average people are being bulldozed. The elite get exclusive condominiums and gated communities.

Do you see carnivals, arcades, cottages for average people, or trailer parks on beaches or other choice locations where the rich have now claimed as theirs?

Elected officials only care about themselves. None want to answer questions [like these].


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