Sunday, August 17, 2014

RT America's "The Truthseeker" Memory Holed?

There are no longer "The Truth Seeker" videos on [RT America] shows and on their youtube channel. The BBC may have copyright claims about the "Napalm Edition" of the The Truth Seeker. When truth exposed, cockroaches scurry out of the light. This show, although not perfect, stepped on toes. It is now gone. Even the ridiculously edited Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" series got too close to the truth that is not widely reported. It too, has been memory holed.


I had downloaded the file for the last show and uploaded it [here]. 

The below is the text I posted with the video:

Ukraine, a model for Genocide in US Homeland War?

The Ukraine is a good example of when international spy agencies, the UN, bankers, and corporate organized crime all conspire to cause division, strife, and conflicts. Conflicts are profitable to exploit. Genocide allows these elites to make money, hand over fist. International bankers financed the US AND Nazi Germany in World War II. Not much has changed for centuries. Elites play their own version of the Parker Brothers Game Risk for psychopathic enjoyment and profit, except there are dire consequences for all the rest of us.

The less of us there are, the more each elite then owns. We put the loot and land that they have stolen from us at risk. They need to get us to fight amongst ourselves so we are eliminated and pose no threat to them. Let's show them the strength of good rope.

There are enough non-white illegal immigrants being smuggled into the US by US border patrol and their handlers in our stealth occupation that there could be genocide against Whites in the US. The Ukraine could show the US what it will look like when America is the next war zone and planned implosion as the elites play their parlor game.

Should the stealth occupiers of the US, war with impunity?

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Text with embedded video (From RT America, The Truthseeker):

'Degeneration into genocide' as President Poroshenko calls for the murder of 'hundreds' of rebels for each of his troops killed – more than Nazi Germany ordered as punitive reprisals in World War II; eyewitnesses report Kiev death squads going 'house to house,' executing all men under 35 on the spot, 'crucifying' babies and forcing their mothers to watch – unspeakable atrocities under a complete mainstream media blackout. On Sunday, Ukrainian missiles killed and injured civilians in the Rostov region, the latest bombing on Russian territory. Seek truth from facts with leading war crimes prosecutor Francis Boyle; US Navy veteran Mark Sleboda; investigative journalist William Engdahl; and George Eliason, who lives with his Ukrainian family in the crosshairs of Kiev's bombing near Lugansk.


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Text of August 18, 2014, letter sent to Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy and to Connecticut elected officials on the Judiciary Committee and Program Review and Investigations Committee [click here].


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