Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Scam to send vandals to stuff your can, $75/day fine

I hear a growing number of people being subject to $75/day fines for trash cans that the lids are completely sealed. Youths are allegedly paid to go out after midnight and transfer trash from one can to another, so officials can take pictures to then fine residents for increased revenue collection. I hear more, and more this going on in Massachusetts, especially in the great Boston area, and all over the country.

When I lived in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, vandals would smash my windows and Connecticut State Police would watch and then refuse to arrest members of the Diaper Gang [post]. Officers also were lookouts for Diaper Gang members who broke into my house. One was hanging out my garage window after he got stuck climbing in. Officers refused to arrest him and were telling the gang member that he should sue me for his injuries.

Many communities you can be fined for broken windows and damaged siding, $100/day. I called the police when trash was being dumped on my property. Police didn't want the name and address of the dumpers who left their personal information with their trash, they only told me that I would be fined $100/day until I cleaned it up. Twice as much trash could be waiting for me when I went to the dump the piles of trash that I had  just cleaned up.

Police use taxpayer dollars to pay vandals, thieves, drug dealers, thugs, and other criminals. Police run and patronize prostitutes. Police pay informants to get teens started on cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal drugs. Police and the courts "Crime Farm", not wanting to reduce crime, but wanting to maintain crime levels to collect revenue, fine, and confiscate property. Running citizens through the system means lawyers make more money. Most elected officials are lawyers.

In some communities your property or business can be taken under the "Nuisance Statute".  3 arrests on your property, or at your business, can be an excuse to then seize your property. Police using their informants to get arrested on your property, and then not be prosecuted, means police can go beyond their standard revenue collecting scams to seizing your property. Wave your flag.

Police, most Department of Public Works DPW, teachers, judicial workers, workers for elected officials, and scores of government workers pay dues to, and are members of, an international union. I am not against unions, but when it is international, or aligned with UN Agenda 21, it is infiltration, and stealth occupation.

I live in Vermont, but spend a lot of time in New Hampshire and Maine. I go into Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York to visit friends and/or to make money. I see a growing number of 3rd World immigrants from Africa and South America.

Many of these immigrants who have trouble with the English language and seem to impaired, possibly mentally impaired or retarded, lacking social skills and ability to take care of the insides and outsides of their living spaces are being given, or pay very small payments on special loans. Paying nothing, $50, or $500 monthly for a property that should cost $2500, or more a month in theft, a scam, and is about taking down working, taxpaying America.

Here these people are being given what they don't deserve on a silver platter.

Why are taxpayers funding their own abuse? Why are taxpayers funding the biggest thieves in the history of the world? Why are taxpayers funding their lifestyles, sovereignty, community and family unity being destroyed? 

Connecticut State Police were listening to my phone calls and trolling my internet prior to 9/11 for the sole reason I was self-employed. There is, and was, a secret program of police and riggers of courts to eradicate farmers, ranchers, the self-employed, land uses such as hunters and hikers, small business owners, potential community leaders who are not affiliated with Mafia or insiders, the outspoken, and especially legal gun owners.

Police told me it was their job to kick me out of Connecticut, make me lose my home, contracting business, break up my marriage, estrange me from my daughter, and to see that I was beaten, maybe murdered, arrested, and sent to prison. Being a criminal can land you a job, paid by taxpayers. Being self-employed can land you in prison.

You are now all welcome to be likewise abused by covert programs such as UN Agenda 21. 

My most recent open letter to Connecticut elected officials, [click here].

The US is a nation of possibly 350 million. Bringing in 100,000,000 illegal aliens and invited 3rd World residents will break the US financially, likely cause civil unrest, and permanent suspension of the US Constitution. Our outside banker and corporate organized crime cartel, who have us under armed stealth occupation, are absolutely brilliant in their plan.

We the People are being ripped off greater than anyone else in the history of the world. Productive citizens worldwide are being similarly ripped off worldwide by the same perpetrators.


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Average, traditional America is being bulldozed using Eminent Domain such as in Norwalk, Connecticut:

Ritt Goldstein informed Connecticut elected officials about the rise of the Police State in Connecticut pre-9/11. Ritt was so terrorized by police after making the below video, he fled the US seeking political asylum in Connecticut:

Steven G. Erickson was so alarming to police having rental properties, being a self-employed contractor, the police and arms of riggers of courts terrorized me out of Connecticut, and completely dismantled my life. My crime?:


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