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A White Boy's Minority Report

I did a google image search for, "Minority Report", not in quotes and found the above image with an interesting post [here].

My minority report is just that. I find myself the only white male in restaurants, at some bars, and even walking around in downtown areas. I even have experienced reverse racism at an Albany, NY, McDonalds where counter help refused to take my order and then an African American girl took my food to the back where I could not see it and then brought it back up to me. I threw it out in front of her and I had already paid for it. In Waterbury, Connecticut, McDonalds Hispanic and African Americans were the only employees, I was refused service. Both instances were from more than 5 years ago.

I was in Miami and other parts of Florida, and around Boston, Massachusetts, and there are many places that English is not understood or spoken. 

Fast forward to a couple of days ago. I am at, yet another single family home, or a Nigerian to quote for contracting work. I no longer do the actual work, I sell jobs for whomever will pay me to do this. The work was to be on the outside of the Nigerian's house. I could not get within a few feet of him as it may have been weeks since he last bathed. He talked about corruption in his country and knowing of roving bands of thugs with machetes. I have visions of that being the case in the not so distant future here in the US. Roving bands of what were minorities hacking off the limbs of those who are White or from a different group.

I don't think of myself as being racist, just making some observations where I may regret typing them here ...

I see more, and more, Africans and others from 3rd World countries with homes, and gaggles of children around. Really there should be nothing wrong with that. But, police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, told me I was a target for home loss, break up of my marriage, and being estranged from my daughter because I was self-employed. My life was then dismantled. [Recent letters sent to elected officials]. 

So, I was run out of my home, contracting business, family, and was railroaded to prison, and I see things being handed to others. So, yes I am upset.

My eyes have been open from an early age. My parents hurriedly got married in a school gymnasium in North Dakota to then have me months later in Ohio. Before my little sister was born in 1970, I was born in 1964, I remember my father staring at himself in the bathroom mirror, seemingly for hours. I was told that I was not good enough to be his son and that when I was older I would go to jail for ruining the life of such a great and important man. Sometime after 1970 my father told me that I should have been an abortion, his life would have been so much better. Being sent to the cellar for hours, or all day, or being punched in the face or slammed into the wall if no one else was around to witness the psychological and physical abuse, usually followed his justifications. [Video of family photos from those years]

The company formerly infamous for Agent Orange and now GMO "food" does well to recruit Narcissist Bipolar Lunatics as their minions.

My grandfather took me out for a ride in his pickup near his farm outside Fargo, North Dakota, when I was less than 10 years old to break down what was happening to farmers, small business owners, and the self-employed. International corporations and bankers were out to take the land, monopolize business, and rid themselves of all competition. My eyes have been open 4 decades.

Taxpayers are funding FBI operatives like Hal Turner to promote racism, violence, hate, and division. [post]

I am wondering where is good to go inside the US, or quietly and frugally retire outside the US. I am sick of all the BS and Police State nonsense. I am sick of being ripped off to fund my own abuse.

I want to seek a sanctuary before the inevitable knock on the door. My Homeland Security insider, friend, is now deceased. He said many people are disappeared on what seems like a routine roadside stop. Drugs, alcohol, or even lethal cocktails can be inserted in a handcuffed victim's anus. Disappearing or being railroaded to prison has never been easier. I was told that police routinely carry date rape drugs. Cops are raping and sexually assaulting women and getting away with it. Date rape drugs also work on police torture victims.

Americans who remember what America used to be, and who inform others, are Constitutional Extremists, domestic terrorists, who need to be eradicated in the eyes of the occupation. The international corporate organized crime and banker cartel that have us under stealth armed occupation need to quell any resistance before it even begins. 24/7 total surveillance is not to make you safer.

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Added Sept. 16, 2014, 12:04 AM:
I finally had a relationship with my own father after I bought rental properties. I never received any praise, and never was treated with any respect, until I bought and fixed up rental properties from a boarded up condition. Connecticut State Police fixed that. Connecticut rigged courts fixed that. When I went to elected officials, especially State Senators Tony Guglielmo and John A. Kissel, the police retaliation only escalated culminating in my arrest and being railroaded to prison. Is there justice in America? Does the US Constitution actually apply for any of us? What "America" are all politicians leaving for all future generations? What was their payoff?  

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