Sunday, September 07, 2014

Visiting America's Outback ...

Visiting America's Outback ...

There is little to nothing. There is no industry, there is no farming, and there is less and less tourism. Houses, barns, and small business buildings are rotting into the ground.

Productive, independent, taxpaying citizens are pushed into smaller, and smaller, areas. There is a push of international bankers and corporate organized crime to take from the working haves to give to the non-working have nots who are being shipped in. Those being shipped in are arriving in alarming numbers.

Those shipped in, get services and what is left of the infrastructure. It is a designed implosion.

Those who have stealth invaded us will buy us all for pennies on the dollar. They will use our tax dollars to sterilize us, imprison us, and even murder us. After we have been ripped off it is more expensive to govern us than it is to kill us. So, what do you think it is there plan to do?

Most of us are that stupid, fat, and lazy to just watch as it happens.

I ask the abusers to fix their abuse:

So, who am I to judge ... ?


Criminal Illegal Aliens given Homes, US Citizens are being run out of theirs

Click on any pictures to make larger. 

I was told by Connecticut State Police that their job was to run me out of my house, break up my family, and make me lose my contracting business built over 2 decades. The silver van shown before it was towed away was at one time a temporary living situation for me. Video of my properties police said it was their job to take away from me [found, embedded here].

Those who are living in the house I posted a picture of, are apparently from Africa, but these people were clean, polite, and able to speak in complete sentences. They were the exception.

I even ended up homeless, living out in the cold snowy Vermont Winter in the woods after being terrorized by police out of my home and job.

It was my job this past Summer to work for a lot of families from Africa and South America. Some are obvious criminals with little job skills, some mentally challenged, and many who do not know how to clean up after themselves leaving rotting food, baby diapers, and even dead animals lying around. Many can lie around drunk, barbecue, and engage in sexual activities all their waking hours. Why are American taxpayers funding this scam?

Some of these "new" residents own these homes outright, or pay $50 to $500 per month for lavish accommodations. Home equity loans can be taken out and these residents can buy new cars and buy all sorts of big screen televisions, furniture, and appliances. Because of a confidentiality, non-disclosure contract I signed to have my service job, I cannot tell you more. I was even told I should carry groceries from one of these homeower's new SUV inside their home like I somehow I am their slave. I now have no fixed address, sometimes have couch surfed, and live like a refugee after working honestly, paying taxes, saving for and buying a home, and pursuing the American Dream.

In America, no good deed goes unpunished, and laziness, dependence, and criminal behavior is rewarded.

It really burns my butt and makes my head fry under my hair that these worthless bags of crap are now being shipped in by the millions to be given everything on a silver platter and we, the New Native Americans, are being ripped off and run out of our homes, jobs, and families.

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