Thursday, October 30, 2014

DARPA micro robots have battery power to start your car

DARPA micro robots have battery power to start your car according to 3rd shift and other workers who work on defense contractor projects. These workers talk about all cars for a number of years having this technology inside. Cars, and all vehicles, have defense department chips that track GPS location, data, and video and audio from nearby devices. There is no privacy.

I will break it down. The Defense Department is planting spy devices in everything they can that is connected to electricity, has a battery, or can be powered up externally. A sticker can contain a 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch RFID chip.

Workers in these factories around the Boston, Massachusetts, and up into New Hampshire have all sorts of money. They have all sorts of guilt. When they are out drinking in bars, they talk. I am a fly on the wall.

A Micro capacity robot, smaller than a candy bar given at Halloween can jump start a car 5 to 50 times! 

Micro robots have a car battery capacity, are autonomous, and are programed to kill. God help us all.


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