Wednesday, October 08, 2014

I'm sick of Homeless taking dumps in Grocery Store Parking Lots

Above image was stolen [from here].

I am seeing more and more "normal" looking homeless. They are driving vehicles that don't attract attention, aren't so old looking, they are not dressing like they are homeless, but there they are day after day, just sitting in their cars, and squatting in between cars, taking dumps, and leaving soiled toilet paper right there on the ground. The smell is getting bad even 30 feet away.

There is an actual Depression going on.

Is the Depression being caused by international elites by design? Are we being imploded so a few of the elite insiders can buy us, the land, all energy, and resources for pennies on the dollar? Is what the CIA did to S. America and Africa in a big way since the 1950's now being done to the new Native Americans?

The international corporate and banker occupation discourages, and is making illegal, self-employment and we the slaves transacting amongst ourselves, illegal.

Connecticut State Police Troop C officers told me I would be arrested, go to prison, and then be kicked out of the state upon my release for opening a breakfast nook in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, without audio and video surveillance, where citizens could come discuss their political views. I was also told that the building inspector and health inspector would squash any of my plans before anything got off the ground. Officers who recruit vandals, thieves, drug dealers, thugs, and prostitutes to help them with their revenue collecting and property confiscation businesses did not want me serving coffee and making fellow citizens their breakfast. 

Troopers would kick on my door after midnight chanting "Oh Stevie Boy, Oh Stevie Boy", over and over, night after night, until my false arrest. The Police State is manufacturing homelessness.

I spent 3 weeks homeless almost freezing to death out in the snowy woods of Vermont. I served a year in prison for having been self-employed, probably not for the resisting being mugged on what I thought was my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, property. [Story and text of registered letter sent to Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy].

I was homeless for 3 weeks, so I have mixed feelings on the subject. Obama says if you have a small business it is because of the government fostering and making it possible. The police, courts, and government took it all away from me.

In Connecticut I was charged in multiple towns for the same vehicles. Towns I had no address in, ever. Police were offering informants $10,000 of your tax dollars to help them take my driver's license. I break no laws.

I got a bill for $160,000 from the Connecticut Department of Revenue which was the equity I had in real estate at the time, for the 6% tax I charged for my painting business and would have had to made millions in 3 months painting rooms for people inside their houses, ridiculous!

I then got a bill from IRS saying I owed more than $10,000 after I got out of prison for having resisted being mugged. When you are being targeted by the insider scumbags, they can just make up that you owe money that you can never pay back, and anyone can be completely ripped off and railroaded to prison.

The system openly has shown me that it is about ripping me off and then laughing in my face. I have not received any benefits from my taxes paid in other than waiting in traffic for roads being blocked for repaving. International criminals are writing themselves blank checks.

If you are reading this, you too, are expected to pay for whatever checks these criminals have written. Any property, assets, accounts, or cash you think you own is being eyed by the international criminals spying on you, taking inventory.

I am not in Connecticut typing this. I am still fearful of police showing up, getting me fired from my job, terrorizing me out of my home, and ruining any sort of social and business connections I have built. I am told by police that is their job, not protecting and serving. So, becoming homeless again is a real fear for me. 

Welcome to the new USA.

Yes, I talk a lot about myself. I know a lot about me. I can write about that. If you live in the US, we live in the same country, right?

The powers that be, literally have me worried about stepping in shit ...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You could make all kinds of money selling 5-gallon buckets with specially fitting toilet lids on them to these homeless guys living in vehicles. Or just sell the lid, and let them find a bucket. Basically then they poop into a garbage bag set into the bucket, and put some kitty litter on top. There are also 2-gallon versions, that would fit in someone's trunk better. Anyway then they'd be putting what amounts to a pooper scooper bag for humans into the trash somewhere. Which would smell less. Not sure if that crowd would care, but if they park in the same place all the time perhaps they'd enjoy a less smelly parking place.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014 9:42:00 AM  
Blogger The Stark Raving Viking said...

Thought of the 5 gallon bucket and kitty litter idea for my own makeshift living space in case there is a state of emergency, power outage where the National Guard is deployed, or if the police are waiting to harass me in the parking lot before I go to work, not because I broke any laws, but because I am on the list.

I don't plan on approaching any of these homeless. Those who are truly homeless and shouldn't be, but are because of circumstances don't want to be harassed or coached when they are at the lowest points of their lives. I might just buy kitty litter to put on the dumps nearest to where I routinely go.

This is just a problem that I just assume would not be happening in the US. The area I am in now, or for time being, is considered affluent and is primarily White.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014 10:07:00 AM  
Anonymous soon to be pooping said...

if we didn t have these endless wars would we be taxed to be homeless pooping inbetween cars?

Wednesday, October 08, 2014 3:08:00 PM  

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