Thursday, October 23, 2014

Is Canadian Parliament Shooter a CIA Wind-Up-Toy?

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau Image with story [found here]. 

Why not get the most bang for world taxpayers' bucks if you are CIA, a drug trafficker, banker, corporate organized crime, or elitist war mongering profiteer? Send in one wind up toy, get international headlines and label anyone against the war efforts in Syria, Iraq, Africa, or wherever, a terrorist. Either you are with us, or you are against us. 

Do some word searches on the United Fruit Company and what the CIA did in South America from the 1950's. Maybe watch the movie that is out now about the CIA drug running and the murdering of author, and reporter, Gary Webb.

The International Corporate Organized Crime and Banker Cartel have the world under stealth occupation. They create the crisis. They offer the solution. They charge you all that is yours to fix what they concocted. You buy into their BS, you are their serf. Be run out of your home, job, sterilized, indefinitely detained, robbed, raped, tortured, infected, and/or murdered. Be a fan of the World's less than 1% elite.

The FBI found bombers in 1993, they supplied the plan, they supplied the funding, they supplied the live bombs. They let the bombers detonate the bombs. The plan was another idiotic plan of the FBI, which should stand for "F'ing Bombing Idiots". In 1994 ATF faced budget cuts and slashed political power, then came the Oklahoma City Bombing. Those bombing idiots left unexploded bombs in the building. Police officers and other official witnesses not in on the plot to be killed later. And, those bombing idiots could not even take down an entire building. 2001, add Saudi Intelligence, Mossad, the CIA, and other contractors, and there can be success.

Ask [Hal Turner] how being paid taxpayer dollars by the FBI to be a White Supremest radio host to incite violence between races how things are working out for him.  

A police officer, ground floor architect of US Department of Homeland Security, and now my now deceased friend, broke it all down for me when he broke ranks with the US Coast Guard and DHS for their anti-American wreck the country to sell everything off at a fire sale scam on Americans. Rich Murzin told me he would only tell me things based on my ability to accept what he was to tell me. Rich started out slow. What is in store for all of you reading, is beyond your wildest science fiction nightmare.

Silence signifies acceptance.

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