Friday, October 03, 2014

Mocking US Police State, "Box Trolls" Movie

Warning: Spoiler Alert

Image found with critique of Box Troll movie [here]. 

The town is run by elites wearing white hats who meet secretly, decide all the business of the town while sampling fine cheese. There are curfews, secret militarized police thugs, domestic spying, black operations, kidnappings, torture, indefinite detention, war machine and police tech weapons (equivalent to drones, police tanks, urban assault vehicles, tazers, secret weapons) being produced by kidnapped slaves, and the industry of the town (nation) being ruined and taken over by the cartoon version of the KGB. The time is set to that of the turn of the century before the last one.

The head of the, FBI, NSA, CIA, State Policing, spying, militarized police, thug contractors, prison complex, kidnapping ring, and main destroyer of industry and freedom is Archibald Snatcher, who has a secret identity of being a cross-dresser, a transvestite. Is this a reference to J. Edgar Hoover infamous former Director of the FBI?

The book version of the Wizard of Oz mocked the scam of coming of the gold and silver standards to have fiat, false money, and a big sham, the biggest BS behind the curtain, the Wizard. Bill Still breaks it down in the video at bottom of post showing what the Federal Reserve System really is.  

Box Trolls who are the cobblers, tinkerers, and subterranean industrial workers are demonized in a propaganda show with Madam Frue who is the transvestite split personality of Archibald Snatcher. Snatcher terrorized the public with Monster War and Policing Machines constructed in a secret warehouse/factory/prison where slave Box Trolls produce items to fund the rise of the Police State.

Interesting children's movie ...

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