Friday, October 24, 2014

Out of Control Check Kiting Criminal writes more checks

The Barack Obama rodeo clown image was stolen [from here]. 

The "President" is ordering bombing and wars without permission. He is writing checks and there aren't funds in the accounts. He is stealing from us, sending us bills for criminal behavior, and we are all just supposed to wave the flag and give up all of our rights for supposed security. Ebola might be Obama's false flag 9/11.

I started discovering the Town Hall Mafia lies before 9/11. [Stuff didn't work out well for me when I opened my mouth].

Whether it is a part time town hall clerk or the US President, criminal behavior needs to result in arrests, being taken away in handcuffs, having their mugshot taken, fingerprints taken, being in lockup waiting for prosecution. Obama most likely couldn't pass the background checks to be a manager of a single McDonalds Hamburger Restaurant. Obama, or whatever his real name is, needs to be the first sitting US President hauled away in handcuffs to be prosecuted.

If there was any justice Eric Holder and Dick Cheney would also be in lockup waiting for prosecution.

The biggest protest that can be launched is not voting for the international corporate organized crime and banker cartel stealth occupation. Vote 100% independent, don't vote for elite handpicked sellouts, Republicans and Democrats.


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