Friday, October 17, 2014

Trifecta of Presidents, GW TARD, Obo TOKEN, Lesbian TART High Priestess Witch?

The above image was [found here]. 

We have had some really amazing characters who have been, are, and are likely to be US Presidents. If legitimate choices were presented, would any of these bozos have been "elected", not elite selected?

George H. W. Bush, former CIA Director and US President, also allegedly a bigger (heroin and cocaine) drug trafficking kingpin than was Ronald Reagan gave rise to his son aka "The Tard" as a US President. The Supreme Court, judges the biggest sleazebag turncoats in the history of the US decided the election. Judges come from the sleaziest, and most deeply connected, in the cesspool of attorneys.

The least Presidential, "The Token", came from an alleged international banker and CIA domestic help (maid) and/or operative/prostitute. Barack Obama's alleged social security number originated out of a major spook central hub, Connecticut, where NSA, CIA, FBI, Mossad, Saudi Intelligence, prison complex, Big Pharma, Bio-Weapons Tech, narcotics traffickers, arms producers, and contract killers (including Connecticut State Police Intelligence allegedly responsible for the Anthrax Hoax) and spies all hang out. Obama's alleged Hawaii birth certificate is a poor forgery. Would Obama pass background checks to be a manager of a single McDonald's branch?

"The Lesbian Tart Witch High Priestess" ... I worked with a woman who hung out with Bill and Hillary, she said each of them separately, tried to ply her into a sexual tryst. Bill and Hillary allegedly were big CIA cocaine traffickers in Arkansas during Bill's governor days. How many tons of cocaine went from CIA and Military transport planes straight into Arkansas State Police cruiser trunks? If 100 million or more illegal immigrants from Africa and South America are allowed to vote maybe Hillary will end up in the White House.

I could not write a screenplay as ridiculous of what have been, are now, and probably will be US President.


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