Friday, November 28, 2014

Review CBS & Ion Television's "Blue Bloods" series

Tom Selleck photo was lifted [from here].

[Blue Bloods  IMDb listing].

Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, and others star in this whitewash of police corruption and sleazy antics with likeable characters. War production corporations own or have a major share in most mainstream "news" and entertainment programs.

An interaction between a lawyer and a prosecutor decides whether a client/defendant is charged and facing 20 years or gets a deal to skate is based on whether there is sex or a date between the lawyer and prosecutor. Cases are fixed by police, outside power figures, and politics not evidence and legitimate Constitutional police work.

Tom Selleck plays a New York City Police Commissioner who breaks rules, smiles for the cameras, and could run for New York City Mayor.

Selling us all out to UN Agenda 21 one world government, corporate and banker rule, loss of sovereignty, and abolishing the US Constitution is mainstream "entertainment".
I don't have cable television and very rarely watch mainstream news. I read my news stories from several very diverse sources. My brain isn't being turned to mush.

Unplug, talk, interact, and meet with neighbors and meet with like minded individuals. Police spy on citizens who get out and meet others without electronic devices, a bank, or a corporation being involved in the conversation, interaction, or transaction.

It is time to get the monkeys off our backs and recognize soft sell propaganda when we see it.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Do Obama Regime Turd Nugget Officials have schedule for more riots?

Turd Nugget photo was stolen from [here].

The FBI found bombers to bomb the World Trade Center back in 1993. It is declassified. Don't be lazy, word search it and look it up. The FBI supplied the plan, the live bombs, the funding, and then allowed live bombs to be detonated in the World Trade Center. Having one tower topple into the other putting large bombs in a vehicle in a parking garage is a giant fail. So, "FBI" should stand for F'ing bombing idiots.

Hal Turner, a white supremacist radio host in the New York City into New Jersey was paid US tax dollars by the FBI to stir racial unrest and violence. [Hal Turner story

The NSA is stealing billions and trillions to illegally domestically spy on all of us to benefit the international banker and corporate organized crime stealth occupation of America and most countries.

It is one giant police state, UN Agenda 21, one world state distraction.

Most big mainstream media news outlets are owned by corporations that manufacture weapons for wars. So, what are they advertising for every time you watch their mind control broadcasts?

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Monday, November 24, 2014

SNL Parody of Obama's Dictatorship (Video)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sizzle, Fry, Pop ... Airport Scanners are Safe

You don't have to hear sizzle, fry, pop, when you get zapped walking through an airport scanning device authorities tell you are safe. The security theater is about regulators going to work for companies who want billions and trillions of our tax dollars. Our US Constitution needs to be suspended to better the lives of international bankers and corporate organized crime. The woman below had a pacemaker, was made to go through the scanner. Her heart stopped. She died. The below picture and the rest of the story is [found here]. Yes, we are talking about a country other than the US. International organized crime is harming all of us average people globally.


A woman fitted with a pacemaker has died after passing through an airport scanner in the southern Russian town of Ulan-Ude.

Diana Tolstova, 30, died in the airport minutes after passing through the scanner. Her husband Maxim, 33, said that they had provided papers proving that Mrs Tolstova was fitted with the heart device – which is adversely affected by airport scanners.

"I don’t know what happened but she went through it anyway," he told Central European News agency.

"When we got to the departure gate she began to feel dizzy and suddenly collapsed.

"I grabbed her in my arms and called for medical help. [more from source]

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I miss seeing new posts from the [Kenny's Sideshow blog].

The below was lifted from the [Kenny's Sideshow blog]:

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Infragard, the Corporate KGB, Family members turning on Family?

The above picture was stolen from the [Boston Infragard website]. 

A now deceased friend of mine, was a retired Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective who was US Coast Guard Reserves and was on the ground  floor of DHS, US Department of Homeland Security.

My friend was very disturbed about what he learned about what was really going on behind the scenes. The real power are elites in the banking and international corporate organized crime cartel.

Companies like Monsanto are very much about recruiting current, and retired, employees into their secret corporate policing network. The self-employed, outspoken, politically aware, gun owners, farmers, ranchers, and the self-sufficient are all enemies of the corporate world state. Complain about Monsanto poison GMO "food" or what Monsanto jackbooted thugs are doing to farmers and you can find yourself in a world of excrement.

Infragard members are for UN Agenda 21, population control, promoting wars, and taking over land, business, natural resources, energy, and national sovereignty. Corporations are nations without borders co-opting legitimate governments and officials. Infragard is the corporate version of joining the Nazi Party.

Teenagers who are not yet out of high school can have their names turned into the secret police enemies list for not being on the corporate occupation of the world bandwagon. Those on the list will have bad luck in courts, will be treated with the maximum harshness by police, the FBI, IRS, etc.

Those on the list will lose their jobs or their small business, their home, their family unity, their circle of friends, their home, their credit, their credibility, and will be hounded by tax and other authorities for the rest of their miserable lives. Target's phone calls and internet use are data mined to figure out the best ways to covertly ruin any gains or happiness in the target's life.

My own father thinks he is supposed to call State Police to inform them if I have a place to live, a girlfriend, a job, friends, and is supposed to supply plate #'s, names, descriptions of cars, and explain a plan to fix my current political views and outspokenness. [Post and video about Steven G. Erickson's experience on the Secret Connecticut State Police Arrest on Sight Enemies List].

I have broken no laws and am considered a terrorist because I talk about the US Constitution and my hatred for the UN Corporate Banker Agenda. 

Many Americans will soon join the [Gee-I-Had] ranks. It is a list of what I have lost for being on the secret police enemies list. Any legal proceedings will go bad for me. Judges refused to sit on a small claims case I had in Southern Vermont against a used car dealer. The date would come near, the judge would refuse to sit on the case, another date would be given, another judge would refuse to sit on my case, then another date was given and another judge refused to sit on my case. Then a lawyer was appointed to be a judge in my case, refused to give me an answer for 3 months, and then told me I lost the case. This is your "American Justice System" too.


The below is the corporate agenda in Africa. What do you think they are also up to in America? Do the corporate/banker occupiers of America and other nations want to crash the system so they can buy us and all the land for pennies on the dollar?

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Natural Citizen X"

Image of a "burning X" was stolen [from here].

I have seen nothing on the internet about Natural Citizen X. "Natural Citizen X" is a copyrighted term, screenplay, and alias of a screenwriter. A possible collaboration is in the works.

"Parody of a Prepper" or "Parody of a Real Prepper", both copyrighted titles could show up as video teasers, or links, here on this blog.

I have read a little of some of the episodes, and it is a project I really want to be part of. Hopefully there is more to come, more to see, and that I am part of the videos, episodes, or independent movie.

A word to the wise to the Connecticut State Police, "Don't leave the keys sitting out to your Bearcat ... Dumbass!"

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Cops can have mobile rape vehicles on sight to rape any targets of their sexual desires with the below vehicles. Jay Leno breaks down the vanilla version, or police propaganda version, of what these vehicles are for. They are also handy for kidnapping, torture, indefinitely detaining, or hauling off police murder victims. Any forced inoculations or gun confiscations can be easily affected with this vehicle:

Friday, November 07, 2014

Dick's (to women) sporting goods?

Image above was [found here].

I accompanied a woman friend to Dick's Sporting Goods in Nashua, New Hampshire, hours ago. She is a legal gun owner, owns guns, and shoots. She asked me about hunting and about skeet shooting. So, I told her I would go with her to where there was a sale on guns.

She is legal to buy a gun. Has no moving violations for driving a car, ever. Has not been a pain in the ass blogger, or politically active and vocal, like I have. She keeps to herself, breaks no laws, and was denied a legal gun purchase at Dick's. What happened to "America"?

Whether, or not, the purchase is for hunting, or self-protection, a woman has a right to buy a gun, when it is legal for her to buy a gun. She has been given grief by males, whenever she has gone to purchase guns.

The man at the counter, Bryan, made mention there was a "very big camera" in the store and "it was watching her". No purchase was made. Is that sexist?

Bryn brought up the Sandy Hook school shooting. Actors were hired to be on CNN to play grieving parents. The Connecticut State Police are threatening citizens with arrest if any of us question their concocted "story". So Bryan is just a useful idiot parroting the international corporate stealth occupation government line.

Can a woman not buy a gun, if a "man" at the counter tells her "no"?

Are minorities in the US given criminal records so they can't vote or buy firearms? Are certain Americans denied rights to keep them from having a piece of the pie and being "full" Americans?

I told the guy, "You can almost live free, and die, in New Hampshire," as what is on all New Hampshire license plates is, "Live Free or Die".

Is Dick's just part of the international organized crime and banker cartel stealth occupation of America? Have you been scared by Obama Regime's Obola importation? 

I was in London while Billy Boy Clinton was being sworn into office. I have been embarrassed to be American ever since ... although George W. Bush, a buffoon, did even more damage to the country.

Take the vaccine, inoculation, eat your GMO  "food" from your local market or at the fast food chain, pay your taxes, and be as stupid as you have always have been ... there is nothing to see here. Meanwhile in the country, and the rest of the globe, is taken over by the biggest slimebags in the history of the world.

Banks and big corporations care about you. Individuals high up in that food chain should be shown the appreciation that they deserve. Love isn't truly appreciated, unless it is in a deep down, medieval, way.

Americans are boycotting McDonald's because they don't want holes in their guts from Monsanto GMO "food". Should Americans boycott Dick's Sporting Goods for being just another US Constitution, sexist, minority hating, international corporate occupying of America force? Should neighbors not be trusted to do transactions with, trade with, associate with, pursue liberty, life, and the pursuit of happiness with? Should a criminal banker or international corporate organized crime member be involved in every aspect of our lives and record everything, audio and video, 24/7 of "our" lives? Is this for our protection, or theirs? 

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What are the Big 3 US False Flag Events? Are 9/11, the Connecticut Newtown Sandy Hook school shooting, and the Boston Bombing false flag hoax events:

Wake Up Call – New World Order (Full Doc / 2008)

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