Friday, November 07, 2014

Dick's (to women) sporting goods?

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I accompanied a woman friend to Dick's Sporting Goods in Nashua, New Hampshire, hours ago. She is a legal gun owner, owns guns, and shoots. She asked me about hunting and about skeet shooting. So, I told her I would go with her to where there was a sale on guns.

She is legal to buy a gun. Has no moving violations for driving a car, ever. Has not been a pain in the ass blogger, or politically active and vocal, like I have. She keeps to herself, breaks no laws, and was denied a legal gun purchase at Dick's. What happened to "America"?

Whether, or not, the purchase is for hunting, or self-protection, a woman has a right to buy a gun, when it is legal for her to buy a gun. She has been given grief by males, whenever she has gone to purchase guns.

The man at the counter, Bryan, made mention there was a "very big camera" in the store and "it was watching her". No purchase was made. Is that sexist?

Bryn brought up the Sandy Hook school shooting. Actors were hired to be on CNN to play grieving parents. The Connecticut State Police are threatening citizens with arrest if any of us question their concocted "story". So Bryan is just a useful idiot parroting the international corporate stealth occupation government line.

Can a woman not buy a gun, if a "man" at the counter tells her "no"?

Are minorities in the US given criminal records so they can't vote or buy firearms? Are certain Americans denied rights to keep them from having a piece of the pie and being "full" Americans?

I told the guy, "You can almost live free, and die, in New Hampshire," as what is on all New Hampshire license plates is, "Live Free or Die".

Is Dick's just part of the international organized crime and banker cartel stealth occupation of America? Have you been scared by Obama Regime's Obola importation? 

I was in London while Billy Boy Clinton was being sworn into office. I have been embarrassed to be American ever since ... although George W. Bush, a buffoon, did even more damage to the country.

Take the vaccine, inoculation, eat your GMO  "food" from your local market or at the fast food chain, pay your taxes, and be as stupid as you have always have been ... there is nothing to see here. Meanwhile in the country, and the rest of the globe, is taken over by the biggest slimebags in the history of the world.

Banks and big corporations care about you. Individuals high up in that food chain should be shown the appreciation that they deserve. Love isn't truly appreciated, unless it is in a deep down, medieval, way.

Americans are boycotting McDonald's because they don't want holes in their guts from Monsanto GMO "food". Should Americans boycott Dick's Sporting Goods for being just another US Constitution, sexist, minority hating, international corporate occupying of America force? Should neighbors not be trusted to do transactions with, trade with, associate with, pursue liberty, life, and the pursuit of happiness with? Should a criminal banker or international corporate organized crime member be involved in every aspect of our lives and record everything, audio and video, 24/7 of "our" lives? Is this for our protection, or theirs? 

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What are the Big 3 US False Flag Events? Are 9/11, the Connecticut Newtown Sandy Hook school shooting, and the Boston Bombing false flag hoax events:

Wake Up Call – New World Order (Full Doc / 2008)


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