Friday, November 14, 2014

Infragard, the Corporate KGB, Family members turning on Family?

The above picture was stolen from the [Boston Infragard website]. 

A now deceased friend of mine, was a retired Hartford Connecticut Narcotics Detective who was US Coast Guard Reserves and was on the ground  floor of DHS, US Department of Homeland Security.

My friend was very disturbed about what he learned about what was really going on behind the scenes. The real power are elites in the banking and international corporate organized crime cartel.

Companies like Monsanto are very much about recruiting current, and retired, employees into their secret corporate policing network. The self-employed, outspoken, politically aware, gun owners, farmers, ranchers, and the self-sufficient are all enemies of the corporate world state. Complain about Monsanto poison GMO "food" or what Monsanto jackbooted thugs are doing to farmers and you can find yourself in a world of excrement.

Infragard members are for UN Agenda 21, population control, promoting wars, and taking over land, business, natural resources, energy, and national sovereignty. Corporations are nations without borders co-opting legitimate governments and officials. Infragard is the corporate version of joining the Nazi Party.

Teenagers who are not yet out of high school can have their names turned into the secret police enemies list for not being on the corporate occupation of the world bandwagon. Those on the list will have bad luck in courts, will be treated with the maximum harshness by police, the FBI, IRS, etc.

Those on the list will lose their jobs or their small business, their home, their family unity, their circle of friends, their home, their credit, their credibility, and will be hounded by tax and other authorities for the rest of their miserable lives. Target's phone calls and internet use are data mined to figure out the best ways to covertly ruin any gains or happiness in the target's life.

My own father thinks he is supposed to call State Police to inform them if I have a place to live, a girlfriend, a job, friends, and is supposed to supply plate #'s, names, descriptions of cars, and explain a plan to fix my current political views and outspokenness. [Post and video about Steven G. Erickson's experience on the Secret Connecticut State Police Arrest on Sight Enemies List].

I have broken no laws and am considered a terrorist because I talk about the US Constitution and my hatred for the UN Corporate Banker Agenda. 

Many Americans will soon join the [Gee-I-Had] ranks. It is a list of what I have lost for being on the secret police enemies list. Any legal proceedings will go bad for me. Judges refused to sit on a small claims case I had in Southern Vermont against a used car dealer. The date would come near, the judge would refuse to sit on the case, another date would be given, another judge would refuse to sit on my case, then another date was given and another judge refused to sit on my case. Then a lawyer was appointed to be a judge in my case, refused to give me an answer for 3 months, and then told me I lost the case. This is your "American Justice System" too.


The below is the corporate agenda in Africa. What do you think they are also up to in America? Do the corporate/banker occupiers of America and other nations want to crash the system so they can buy us and all the land for pennies on the dollar?

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