Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Natural Citizen X"

Image of a "burning X" was stolen [from here].

I have seen nothing on the internet about Natural Citizen X. "Natural Citizen X" is a copyrighted term, screenplay, and alias of a screenwriter. A possible collaboration is in the works.

"Parody of a Prepper" or "Parody of a Real Prepper", both copyrighted titles could show up as video teasers, or links, here on this blog.

I have read a little of some of the episodes, and it is a project I really want to be part of. Hopefully there is more to come, more to see, and that I am part of the videos, episodes, or independent movie.

A word to the wise to the Connecticut State Police, "Don't leave the keys sitting out to your Bearcat ... Dumbass!"

stevengerickson at

my [youtube channel] and my [ channel]


Cops can have mobile rape vehicles on sight to rape any targets of their sexual desires with the below vehicles. Jay Leno breaks down the vanilla version, or police propaganda version, of what these vehicles are for. They are also handy for kidnapping, torture, indefinitely detaining, or hauling off police murder victims. Any forced inoculations or gun confiscations can be easily affected with this vehicle:


Anonymous Grim Reaper said...

support our troops by killing bankers

Thursday, November 13, 2014 10:30:00 PM  

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