Friday, November 28, 2014

Review CBS & Ion Television's "Blue Bloods" series

Tom Selleck photo was lifted [from here].

[Blue Bloods  IMDb listing].

Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, and others star in this whitewash of police corruption and sleazy antics with likeable characters. War production corporations own or have a major share in most mainstream "news" and entertainment programs.

An interaction between a lawyer and a prosecutor decides whether a client/defendant is charged and facing 20 years or gets a deal to skate is based on whether there is sex or a date between the lawyer and prosecutor. Cases are fixed by police, outside power figures, and politics not evidence and legitimate Constitutional police work.

Tom Selleck plays a New York City Police Commissioner who breaks rules, smiles for the cameras, and could run for New York City Mayor.

Selling us all out to UN Agenda 21 one world government, corporate and banker rule, loss of sovereignty, and abolishing the US Constitution is mainstream "entertainment".
I don't have cable television and very rarely watch mainstream news. I read my news stories from several very diverse sources. My brain isn't being turned to mush.

Unplug, talk, interact, and meet with neighbors and meet with like minded individuals. Police spy on citizens who get out and meet others without electronic devices, a bank, or a corporation being involved in the conversation, interaction, or transaction.

It is time to get the monkeys off our backs and recognize soft sell propaganda when we see it.

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