Monday, December 15, 2014

Controversial "Let's Talk About Sandy Hook" Documentary

Newtown Insane Asylum image [found here].

Excerpt [from here]:
Fairfield State Hospital (as it was known from 1929 to 1963) or Fairfield Hills Hospital (as it was known after 1963)[1] was a psychiatric hospital in Newtown, Connecticut, which operated from 1931 until 1995. At its peak, the hospital housed over 4,000 patients. The entire facility was owned and operated by the State of Connecticut Department of Mental Health. The facility still stands, just southeast of the center of Newtown.


Some pretty interesting stuff ...

The video is worth watching, you can scroll down for it below, or here is the [Direct Link to video]

I sent the below text by email to a list of about 50 recipients which included Connecticut elected officials, judicial reform advocates, and victims of rigged court systems:

Are the Judiciary Committee Legislators obstructing justice?

The Judiciary Committee allegedly makes the release of any death certificate information or autopsy photos and reports illegal to release in Connecticut. That means if you are murdered by a police officer or at the order of an official your murder can easily be covered up. If you are wrongly accused of a murder getting a defense to defend yourself against the bogus charge is now illegal.

Why would they do this? Well maybe some of the inconsistencies of Sandy Hook would then come out. Newtown, Connecticut has been a black site for doing medical and mental experiments on humans since the 1930's. Some of the hospitals, detention facilities, and miles of corridors underground have been used in major movie production and horror films. Newtown is a concentration area for actors who have ties to FBI, CIA, CT State Police Intelligence, and the Federal Reserve Bank. Newtown is a concentration point for CIA, FBI, NSA, State Police Intelligence, foreign operatives, bank executives, and corporate CEOs involved in controversial and war production practices.

Newtown is a recruiting center for operatives and for human experimentation.

Google cached pages in a documentary if undoctored show a Newtown Bee story on Sandy Hook was written the day before. A Federal Reserve member, local bank executive, and the United Way set up a charity with all signed documents, webpage, and accounts, and necessary legal agreements at the time of the alleged events.

The Connecticut State Police are proven over and over for lying, committing perjury, manufacturing and suppressing evidence, intimidating witnesses, and rigging court cases.

Over 10 million of taxpayer dollars was paid directly to police officers and other officials for "healing". 100's of millions have been collected for "charity". Connecticut might be the first state to test a suspended US Constitution and police house to house searches for citizens with guns, untaxed items, gold, or items used to prep for a disaster or national emergency.

Please watch the documentary, "Let's talk about Sandy Hook". It is well researched and documents are shown. All of what is alleged above is broken down here:

and here:

Ask yourself: "Who benefits?"


Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites [found here].


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