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Giving Pigs Wings

How to draw cartoon pig image [found here]. 

It is never okay to target and kill police officers.

The latest convenient shooting for the international banker and corporate organized crime cartel stealth occupation of America occurred in the Bronx, New York City.  NYPD Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were shot by Ismaaiyl Brinsley, a career criminal. Brinsely allegedly sent, ā€œIā€™m Putting Wings on Pigs Today,ā€ by Instagram. [New York Post story]

There are 350 million plus people in the USA. There are less than 100 murders of police officers in the US per year. Overall violet crime in the US is way down. The hyping of "mass shootings" would make viewers of the Meanstream Corporate Propaganda Channels we would think that shootings were occurring everyday in every community.


Predatory Policing

Police have no obligation to protect and serve, none. I was told by [Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren] that his number one job is to protect the integrity of the system. The Duck was the head of Troop C Connecticut State Police Tolland, CT, when I owned rental properties in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. [My open letter to the Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen]

Spokane, Washington, citizens are protesting the police state and MRAPs being used to war on, and terrorize, the public. [blog post with video]

Police are out to collect revenue and confiscate property. It is about the bottom line, not about earning the taxpayer dollars paid in. [Operators of the police, the international union], have interest in keeping crime rates steady and treating policing like a corporate business, expand, eliminate competition, secure more money and manpower.

I was friends with a former Hartford Narcotics Detective, Retired, until he died. He was also US Coast Guard Reserve and was on the ground floor of the start up of DHS US Department of Homeland Security pre-9/11. What he told me was amazing. DHS was set up to confiscate citizen owned guns and detain, eliminate, and/or control citizens upset with the suspension of the US Constitution and international bankers seizing all land, assets, and cash for fictitious debts that we the people owe. 

Police have almost all gangs and organizations infiltrated. Pretty much all conversations and internet use is monitored and recorded. Police can take inventory and discuss what of your they are going to keep for themselves, including sexually attractive daughters and significant others.

Police informants are used to increase policing profits. An attractive woman can be arrested for having used crack cocaine. She now works for police and has to perform sex acts and have sex with officers, probation officers, prosecutors, lawyers, other insiders, or for clients of police for transactions and favors. The woman to not be prosecuted to the maximum extent tries to pick guys up in bars, get them to buy her crack cocaine, and then the guy who was not looking for sex, crack cocaine, or any police problems is soon felony arrested facing loss of job, his family, his home, and spending time in prison. Lawyers, the state, and police lick their chops as they feast.

Police use police informants to set up those who would not drink and drive, to drink and drive. Where are police getting $10,000 to offer police informants to set you up for drunk driving, false arrests, prison, and losing everything you have ever worked for to then go to prison?

Who do police and elected officials really work for?


stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

Steven G. Erickson PO Box Eight Seventy-Four Brattleboro, Vermont 05302 USA


I talked with a hacker who works for lawyers, Connecticut State Police, and for elected officials. His job is to make someone's computer permanently crash, to spy on citizens through their computers or cell phones, to plant evidence on devices for arrests, take information off computers such as in the court system to erase criminal records, remove posts so they cannot be seen in word searches, make pages load slow, or to skew what is on screen.

"They're", "There", and "Their" can be switched around so a write can look stupid. "No" can be switched to "On", and text can just be eaten and disappear. All of what you write can just highlight itself in blue and then disappear and not be able to be recovered. That just happened as I typed this, but I backed what I wrote in notepad. [The text eating virus, blog post]

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added December 23, 2014 at 11:19 PM EST:

The below Chicopee, MASS, 27 year old man, Charles DiRosa, is apparently facing charges [Link to CBS story] for posting "Put Wings on Pigs" to his Facebook account:


'Twas the Night Raid Before Christmas


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