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How the Banks stole the Gold which backs your money Explained

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If even 1% of this is true, let the international prosecutions begin. Karen Hudes is a former World Bank insider, she blows the whistle. World Bankers are trying to pull a massive Enron on you. Should bankers who stole your wealth be charging interest on your country's currency?

The intelligence communities, world policing, international operators of courts, guards of nations, unions for public workers, and operators of militaries work for the bankers.

There are massive schemes to take as much from you as possible going on right now, the holiday season. International authorities will count on you being too lazy to pay attention more than 30 seconds.

Hudes talks about the stolen nuke which was to be detonated in Charleston as a distraction. Maybe at least one false flag to put the US under Martial Law has been thwarted. The desperation of the international operators of the US Government is becoming more apparent.

The UN World Gun Ban, Japan and Russia economic crashes, the erasure of national borders, IMF, and the world bankers signing all world taxpayers on to fraudulent international banker derivative debts to the tune of trillions of dollars all have something in common. It is a plan. You've been scammed. Karen Hudes breaks it down in video.

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[Last few posts on the Stark Raving Viking blog break it down]

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Text with above video:

Published on Dec 23, 2014
Transition from paper currencies to national currencies out of gold from the world's gold that went into hiding at the end of World War II. Local villages will issue their own local currencies. After the 10/7/13 attempt to nuke Charleston, the US military stopped taking orders from the network of global corporate control.

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79-82, Daily C141 flights out of McGuire AFB loaded with gold?


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The World Bank is no wine and roses ... 
Steven G. Erickson shot the below video at the behest of Francis C. P. Knize in Washington DC:

The World Bank, HIV/AIDS, & Fraud?

Text with video:

Uploaded on May 16, 2008
In Washington, DC, we had a national whistleblowers meeting on judicial misconduct, Stewart Mott House, Capitol Hill, 122 Maryland Avenue, NE, Washington, DC 20002, May 15, 2008.

This is footage of the International portion involving banks, corporate executives, judges, law enforcement, and others claiming that they have judicial or sovereign immunity to be able to break laws, harm, and cause the death of people with no financial or criminal liability.

More information and video here:

Part 2 of video:

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Press release text from

World Bank Action "Too Little, Too Late" to Correct HIV Corruption; Bank Uses CDC in Cover-Up
After nearly one year's delay, the World Bank announced last Thursday that it will further investigate disclosures involving the distribution of defective HIV/AIDS test kits, mass purchased as part of a health care project in India. GAP client Dr. Kunal Saha first informed the Bank's Department of Institutional Integrity (INT) of the use of the faulty kits in a draft report in May 2007. In the ensuing months, various World Bank officials have attempted to conceal the facts about the case, discredit Dr. Saha in both the US and India, and use the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) to cover-up fraud. Statements made by World Bank officials to the media last week about this issue were grossly misleading.

"Whistle blower DC conference"

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