Tuesday, December 09, 2014

"Meetings OG"

Picture above was randomly selected using word search [from here]. The source of the picture and anyone in the picture is not associated with our group.

I had no knowledge various groups existed. Some meet partially "OG", off grid, and some do so completely with no electricity, electronics, or modern devices other than vehicles to get to the meeting site, with the exception of larger monthly multi-team meetings outside of our general area, whereas some team members higher on the food chain travel internationally to meet with other groups.

I won't say whether a group that considered me as a member is near Brattleboro, Vermont, or out into Massachusetts and/or New Hampshire. My particular group is non-religious, international, and men and women meet in separate groups except for socials that are 1 to 4 times a year. I would prefer it was purely American, in America, but I did not start my own group, and would not unless none existed.

There is no prejudice of race, age, religion, whether you have a job, or not, or whatever walk of life you came into the group from. So, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, defense industry people, military, retired, unemployed, police, factory workers, others, and myself can all enjoy a campfire, each others' company, and usually no food, no alcohol, no drugs, and we discuss self-improvement, getting closer to family, to spouses, children in our lives, and helping in general in the community. Individual teams get together once a month, or so, for larger general recruiting meetings. There are annual, or more often, meetings where hundreds of people get together, men and women.

Pursuing new hobbies, learning how to dance, socializing, single individuals pursuing dates, reading books, writing with pen and paper, being charitable with your time for others are all encouraged activities.

I have gotten to know a number of people even though I have tried to keep to myself after [what happened to me in Connecticut]. I know people where I can gather wood, split it, store it and have it for my use at a later time. This alone makes me useful to the group. The EPA has made wood stoves that I have kept warm with illegal. The EPA allegedly is out to ban fire for civilian use, to include campfires, barbecues, and heating homes with wood or other combustibles that do not involve a corporation or bank.

The group contains people from occupations that I would look at as enemies in other settings. I am out to help them for the asking, and they are out to help me for the asking. What is said is in the circle is confidential as well as any names of individuals. We have open meetings to recruit others, so it is not like anything subversive is going on. Unless it is subversive to help people, improve lives, help others deal with health and other live altering issues, and to help mentor younger adults to productive paths, we need not fear a international banker and corporate police raid ... at least not yet. 

Had I been part of such a group, or similar group, what happened to me in Connecticut may have never occurred. A town policeman would have been shamed for listening to my phone calls and trolling my internet use because he was obsessed with my wife enough to want us to lose our home, my career, our marriage, and me be permanently estranged from my daughter, be beaten by police informants, and railroaded to prison. The officer would have been shamed by another officer, or someone in the community to stop his predatory behavior, not helped with it.

A crack cocaine addict, alcoholic, bi-polar, pedophile, sociopath would not have been able to pay a bribe to a Stafford Springs, Connecticut, selectman $5000 cash to take my rental properties and ramp up the State Police to terrorize me, arrest me, send me to prison for being beaten and stalked on my own property, and then brag about it. Community people would see that a person who brags that they were a contractor for the CIA, while playing in violin concerts internationally, was helping target children for the sex trade and then be able to use police to steal everything I had ever worked for. This post was not intended to lead into my story ...

The group has an alternative plan suggested for me to get my life back together. From what I know so far, it is a step by step process working within the system. My problems may have at least partially resulted by my wanting to run for political office and wanting to be a community leader. I am going to try to be an Indian (team member), not a chief, for as long as I am able.

As long as hope and moving forward does not become illegal, I will be a member of this group, or one like it.

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