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Modern America, an Experiment of Eugenics in Reverse?

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I just finished watching a 1998 documentary that I found on Netflix, "Homo Sapiens 1900" [IMDb listing]

The governments of American, Germany, Sweden, other countries, and the former USSR were shaped by what happened in four decades at the beginning of the 1900's. Eugenics and opposing theories played a major part. Wars were fought, sides were drawn. People were sterilized, bred, and manipulated.

Eugenics and manipulation by a master plan is wrong.  Government subverting the family is wrong. Government subverting Free Speech is wrong. Government subverting citizens' religion, or lack thereof is wrong. Government destroying, and remolding local communities is wrong.

Making the health, intelligence, physical appearance, behavior, independence, and utility of humans better in a nation can be considered a noble cause, but methods can be questionable, illegal, and even considered war crimes.

The modern operators of America seem to have the master Eugenics plan in reverse on purpose. I am not talking about any one race in America, I am talking about the general quality of individuals, no matter what race in America. The smartest, most physically attractive, the most mentally stable, independent, self-sufficient, creative, outspoken, and those with the strongest moral compasses are having the least amount of offspring. Those who care most about humanity in general, are most moral, and who are most outraged into action when attacked from the outside, are being bread out of existence. Those who are dependent, less intelligent, and less mentally stable are having the most amounts of children at the fastest rates.

Government which destroys individual cohesion, the glue of humanity, have the most amounts of power. But, for how long? 

This is not happening by accident. Outside operators of America want a crash. They want borders erased. They want the US Constitution nullified. Our outside elite owners want to buy us all up for pennies on the dollar, and then return to Eugenics again, putting the shift lever back into "Forward". Their idea of getting rid of the inferior humans and races, is to make their populations explode and then cause a grand war of all, so then the elite sort out, profit off, and then control the destiny of the mess they have created. The elite may think their destiny is to merge with machine.

Billionaires rate high on the insanity scale, lack of a moral compass, and are the greatest threat to the quality of life of all of us more than ever before in the history of the world. We have a common enemy and it is not each other.

-Steven G. Erickson
stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

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Okay, I digress ...
[Six figure Salary Paid Scumbags, The Connecticut State Police, blog post with a huge amount of views]

[The Connecticut State Police Garden of Evil]

"Hail, Hail, State Police!" Douchebags on parade for Connecticut State Police graduation. These Troopers can tell you that they don't work for you, you work for them. Prostitution, vandalism, thieves breaking into houses, cocaine and heroin dealing, kids being illegally kidnapped from good families, false arrests, false imprisonment, taking a dump on the US Constitution, telling citizens they don't own their homes, trying to steal away wives, daughters, and significant others, beating, raping, and murdering, and making up, lying, committing perjury, manufacturing evidence everyday is what the Connecticut State Police are all about. State Police are out to end self-employment, concealed carry permit holders, and especially the 1st and 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. Maybe lying about Sandy Hook is one of their greatest achievements or the alleged Anthrax Hoax of 2001, you take your pick... America's gift from Connecticut ...


The below video was uploaded April 20, 2011. Two friends of mine asked me to drive down two hours to Connecticut, stay with them 2 weeks, and work on a public access television show or documentary to be produced and/or air out of Connecticut. I was too afraid to have a cellphone at that time, and couldn't afford one then anyway, so I had a Skype online number for about $5/month. Rich Murzin had just given up his cell and started using his home phone only. Rich and AJ told me they had evidence that the Connecticut State Police were using Homeland Security taxpayer funds to enrich themselves for hours not worked, services not provided, and with Homeland Security secrecy were kidnapping children, putting children into White Sex Slavery, trafficking cocaine and heroin, and that DCF workers were allowed to buy and use drugs off the streets, and were to help Connecticut State Police and insiders of Connecticut courts protect drug dealer turf. All 3 branches of Connecticut Government allegedly are complicit and enriched. Rich Murzin and A. J. Fontaine died within hours of each other days before I was going to come down and help them with the project.


You might want to print out a copy of this post and/or make an electronic copy. I don't know how long it will maybe up. If you are a gun maker, Bushmaster Rifle, Colt Arms, Remington, Smith & Wesson pistol, Ruger, Marlin, Mossberg Shotgun, or party being sued by the Connecticut State Police or the Connecticut State Police have targeted you for civil or criminal court abuse due to their lies, brutality, manufacturing (Evidence Manu-Fracturing), suppressing evidence, intimidating or hiring actors as witnesses, or if the Connecticut State Police have likewise ripped you off and burned down your life please contact me with details or subpena me to testify in your case. stevengerickson at yahoo dot com PO Box Eight Seventy-Four Brattleboro VT 05302

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The Connecticut State Trooper Gene Pool?



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