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Monsanto Executives, Bi-Polar, Insanity, Nervous Breakdowns

Being truly evil has consequences ...

I did an image word search on "The Great Satan" and the above image was [found here] listed as deviant art.

I grew up around Monsanto Executives as my father was, and is one, even though he is now retired. Monsanto, Big Pharma, and other chemical companies have helped bring you dangerous vaccines, industrial radioactive waste put in drinking water supply [Fluoride].  Autism, Agent Orange, War, Genocide, GMO "food", poisoning, radiation, 60% drop in male sperm count, birth defects, [DU depleted uranium munitions], [FDA helping sneak Aspartame in milk], [HIV/AIDS], [Lyme Disease, West Nile], the loss of sovereignty of the US, the banking crisis, a crashed economy, break up of families, depression, anxiety, instability, loss of identity etc.

NSA, TSA, DHS are products of international corporate and banker tyranny.

Monsanto and other corporate executives buy politicians. Corporations are people right? Why are more people in corporations, and banks, prosecuted? Well, they have always had something like [InfraGard].

GMO causes cancer, tumors, leukemia, diabetes, nerve damage etc, and eats the guts out of rats by the fourth month of testing. So the corporate solution was to make testing 3 months long.

My paternal grandfather warned me about Monsanto and other chemical companies. My grandfather had a farm outside of Fargo, North Dakota, from the 1940's. He took me for a pickup ride many times, one from the early 1970's stuck out in my mind.

My grandfather told me that international corporations were out to buy up all the land, take over all business, all resources, and squeeze the people out of everything in steps. Companies like Monsanto control the Seed Mafia and pesticide production. Monsanto and other corporations are so predatory farmers commit suicide in great percentages. India has a high percentage.

I remember my father having other executives over for "Martini Wednesdays", "Scotch Thursdays", etc. Bloated paychecks, huge houses, vacation homes, and luxury vehicles and these executives could play hookey from work and get shit-faced during the day, often. Executives would brag about screwing others over selling cars and property. Executives would brag about psychological and other cruelty inflicted on their wives and children.

Women at work were treated like sex objects. Token minority workers were invited to barbecues and then mocked behind their backs. Many men would frequent prostitutes, take fishing trips to pick up women, and many would beat their wives as they would plead, "please no," and then forced to have sex or perform oral sex. Punching a woman in the face and then raping her is a felony. It was nothing like consensual bdsm. Lots of felonies are committed by the corporate mafia members. They are above the law and often avoid even being arrested. Corporate/Banker tyranny must have their own version of Skull and Bones.

Countless executives and chemists had nervous breakdowns, eventually were diagnosed as being bi-polar, were accused of molesting children which even included their own, high instances of alcoholism, divorce, mental instability, and becoming great stealth sociopaths. Some could even be considered psychopaths. Others got so depressed they would just stay indoors and could not function.

How could these Satanic Minions not escape at least some psychological damage for their ruin the world evil deeds?

I don't agree with it, but I understand backroom meetings of these corporate people, talking about pulling out the fingernails and toenails and torturing the Amish to death can make sense for UN Agenda 21. Those who aren't transacting with a bank or corporation involved are terrorists, right?

My obligatory run on paragraph:

From an early age, maybe 4, I started to get that my father was not quite right and did not worship him as a corporate god. He would take pleasure in hurting me, punching me, slamming me into walls, and sending me to the cellar as much as was possible as not to have to look at me. I am his first born son. Fast forward to when I had girlfriends and friends as a teenager. I would be punished and yelled at during the most inconvenient times and for arbitrary excuses and I lost every girlfriend and friend that I brought around my father. I further aggravated my father by becoming self-employed soon after age 16, painting and wallpapering. Police officers let me know that my father was trying to drop the dime on me after I drank, even if my father gave me beer. I overheard my father tell his drinking buddy that he did not want to pay for my college and wanted to figure a way to kick me out of the house before I graduated high school ... the smile in my face, stab me in the back only got worse as I got older. 

My grandfather opened my eyes to the truth early. My father taught me that I was never cut of the cloth to become a corporate sheep. I have a mind of my own. I see with clarity. That is a great gift.

No matter what depravity and abuse the corporate/banker world hurls at you, recognized the evil and fight back. It is a daily, monthly, yearly, and lifelong battle that needs to be fought.

Meet off-grid. Have a campfire or barbecue while the EPA still lets us. Invite neighbors and like-minded individuals. Take a break from the 24/7 NSA domestic spying. Discuss short term goals for rebuilding family, your finances, and long-term goals to improve your life. Be accountable to yourself, your goals, and help others within your core group obtain theirs. Meet like this and you are a subversive who needs to be wiped out by the corporate/banker organized stealth occupation of all countries. 

The awake are the resistance.




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