Sunday, December 14, 2014

Obama's CHANGE: You fund this POLICING

The Obama Regime promised change on America is here. You fund your own abuse, official thefts, rapes, torture, indefinite detention, genocide, murder, black operations, 24/7 domestic spying, and war crimes. The international banker and corporate organized crime cartel who have us under stealth occupation use police driving these vehicles below to protect themselves from you using your money and property.

Policing MRAP vehicle picture with story [found here].

Free MRAPs for local police story and picture [found here]. 


My show notes for the below RT America Max Keiser

Stealth Financial War is Waged Against Us, Max Keiser breaks it down.

My show notes:

CIA is allowed to propagandize inside US. This was previously illegal. Americans are being lied to inside the US to benefit criminals outside the US. CIA feeds mainstream media and goes after tellers of uncomfortable for criminals, truths. We pay taxes to be lied to. 

Causing currency crises to occur in other countries is financial war. International bankers are waging a stealth war against average Americans. Average Russians now at times have more buying power than average Americans. While the international bankers and corporate CEOs disarm America and dissolve the US Constitution, Russians are now allowed to carry firearms for protection and individual rights are being bolstered. 

Is there now a corporate version of Communism that is now doing even more damage to the average people of the world? Criminals operate financial markets. These criminals are after your savings and retirement accounts. These criminals are out to erase national borders to increase profits. 

The US and UK are going after the self-employed, small business, and cottage industries like pornography. Stylish, fashion conscious pornography which appeals to women is being attacked. Independent film is being censored using internet and broadcast laws. Any expression of the female orgasm is sought to be banned. The softest targets for censorship are being hit first. Wikileaks and Edward Snowden used a free internet to expose the international criminals. 

UK is including money made from prostitution, drug dealing, and criminal activity to make their economy look better, their GDP. Those who are in charge are hypocrites. Those in charge are more flagrant abusers of laws and aren’t punished. Those in charge need to stop abducting and raping children.

The below video of, a parody of a non-affiliated lone Sovereign Citizen stealing vehicles, has no budget and was poorly shot. Sometimes the only way to educate, fight back, and protest is to mock.

[Direct link to video on, click here]


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