Saturday, December 06, 2014

Russia Allowing Citizens to Carry Guns for Self-Defense

Maria Butina picture [found here with post]. Butina started the Russian, "Right to Bear Arms," and laws may have changed when the group had only 1000 members.

I saw a piece on [RT America live version] about 2 weeks ago on the subject of average Russians being able to carry guns and other weapons for self-protection. There is a realization that there can't be a cop around everyone to prevent rape, robbery, assaults, home break-ins, and murders. Business owners can protect themselves as well.

While there is a move to bolster individual rights in Russian, there is an international banker and corporate organized crime cartel ploy to end sovereignty and end the rights of all citizens.

The US Constitution is either intact, or it is not.

I wonder if the oil prices are being manipulated to hurt the Russian economy. Cheap oil can devastate the Russian economy. Russia is not run by the international banker and corporate organized crime cartel. We in America are.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, nor Syria citizens have done nothing to me. The corporate organized crime international banker police state spied on me, wrecked my marriage, estranged me with my daughter, terrorized me out of the home I owned, ended my contracting business, gave dibs on my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, rental properties to an alcoholic police informant pedophile crack cocaine addict Peter J. Coukos (police helping him get a pistol permit for assaulting me), railroaded me to prison, and ruined every aspect of my financial and social life. International criminals make money and gain power with wars and ending rights for civilians.


I, Steven G. Erickson, know that police can refuse to protect and serve, and then can arrest and imprison you for being attacked on your own property and even using something as non-lethal as pepper spray. [That story]


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America is a Campground supplied by China



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