Monday, December 15, 2014

The FBI, State Police, Organized Crime Cartel - Documentary Bombshell

FBI, State Police, Organized Crime - One in the Same. The Whitey Bulger Documentary

Above image was [found here, an IMDb link].

The documentary only touch on the now defunct Hartford (Connecticut) Jai-Lai (pronounced HI - LIE). State Police, FBI, organized crime figures, hit men, bookies, and citizens met at Hartford Jai-Lai to illegally gamble and allegedly pay FBI, State Police, and/or organized crime for fixing court cases, starting or squashing police or FBI investigations, to increase narcotics profits, get protection, have big mouth citizens beaten up, terrorized, jailed indefinitely, and/or murder-for-hire.

After the vacuum in the drug trade where the CIA wasn't getting as much heroin out of the Vietnam War fiasco, cocaine coming in from South America was so fast and furious money needed to be funneled off for corporate use, black operations, for banker profits, and for instigating more wars. Elements from all sides allegedly met at Hartford Jai-Lai. If a Florida Mafia figure wanted someone killed in Florida, he would pay a Connecticut State Police Officer to go down and do the hit. The Connecticut Mafia or Connecticut State Police would hire Florida State Police to come up to Connecticut and kill a target. The same was true for Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York State Police and FBI.

If you can still find a decades old copy of Les Coleman's book, "Squeal", it breaks down how things work and names names. State Police, FBI, and Organized Crime figures allegedly bought up most of the copies that were in print and stopped the press printing more.

The Whitey Bulger debacle had to be controlled. All FBI, State Police, and Organize Crime figures did not want light put on their thing of theirs. International criminals meet and conduct business. We the people pay tax dollars for our own abuse.

How Whitey Bulger navigated with Massachusetts State Police, FBI, and USDOJ shows how the system "works" nationwide. Court case are rigged. Outcomes are  decided before "trials". Courts are rubberstamps on abuse and ripoffs and international ponzi and banking schemes. International Corporate Organized Crime is alive and well. The "War" in Afghanistan and the increase in purity, affordability, and proliferation of heroin is just another shining example.

Whitey Bulger documentary discussion panel:

The full documentary can be seen now on Netflix.

Bulger documentary trailer


Is Newtown Connecticut the new clandestine hub replacing Hartford Jai-Lai for doing dirty deeds and stealing 100's of millions from the sheep who are the American public and taxpayers? [post about what is being revealed about the Sandy Hook Newtown Connecticut School Shooting Hoax].


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