Friday, December 19, 2014

US Asset Seizure, Passports being blocked?

More, and more, I hear of US citizens being blocked from getting, or renewing, US passports. Getting assets out of the US is becoming harder and harder. TSA and US DHS have the ability to freeze and seize all of your accounts. Any transactions are with the approval and supervision of DHS. Americans should not be so concerned with who is being let into America, as much as being able to get out, and to get out with assets and cash. [More on this subject from Jeff Berwick, author posting on the Activist Post].

How do police, riggers of courts, and the gatekeepers preventing we the people from access to elected officials get their covert, international goon union infiltration, stealth orders to thwart national sovereignty and the US Constitution? [answer

While still owning rental properties fixed up from a boarded up condition and running a contracting business built over two decades I went to Connecticut State Senator Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo on the Public Safety and Security Committee and Sen. John A. Kissel on the CT Judiciary Committee [My complaint] about rigged courts and Connecticut  State Police refusing to protect and serve and their organized crime and racketeering activities. Both then turned me into the Police Union representative and told me that the Police Union prevented them from allowing any legislation I proposed to be voted on, that I could not try to remove [Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan], and that police could silence me, retaliate, and kick me out of Connecticut. [That story].

Before 9/11, police in the State of Connecticut and other states had a UN Agenda 21 like directive. They were to go after self-employed, small business owners the outspoken, potential leaders after the US Constitution was revoked, legal gun owners, gardeners, ranchers, farmers, and other who were not affiliated with the organized crime, police, rigged court, town hall, official, banker, and corporate criminal cartel. The Connecticut Judiciary continues to act for, and protect, sociopath judges, lawyers on the take, and the KGB-like tactics of the lawless Connecticut State Police Intelligence Unit. Elected officials like Kissel should recuse themselves in votes, such as re-instating Judge Kaplan, when they are personally involved, or involved in covering up public corruption.

Let's just say for the sake of argument, Sandy Hook, is just a made up event, [The Sandy Hook Hoax, Newtown, Connecticut], should gun manufactures being put out of business and sued by Connecticut official criminals contact citizens like me, Steven G. Erickson, about what has really been going on before, and since, 9/11? Gun manufacturers would have a hard time proving the Sandy Hook school shooting was just something more that the Connecticut State Police made up, manufactured, and threatened others for exposing, if there was access to autopsies and official death certificates. The Connecticut Judiciary is blocking justice and rigging court cases by blocking access to what is evidence.

Police threatened my life and told me I was kicked out of Connecticut for wanting to have a breakfast nook in downtown Stafford Springs, Connecticut, where citizens could have coffee, eat breakfast, and not have surveillance cameras and microphones on them while they discussed community subjects and politics.

[The Peter Reilly case] is old. It proves that Connecticut State Police will stop at nothing, including terrorizing, threatening, and getting a Supreme Court Justice to step down for daring to question questionable State Police reports, investigations, lab evidence, and tactics. Would Peter Reilly have been exonerated had it not been for autopsy reports and the Official Death Certificate?

Gun manufacturers, citizens who have had their children illegally officially kidnapped, or who have been likewise abused due to rigged courts, police brutality, or public corruption in the State of Connecticut are welcome to contact me for information or to testify for them in court.

We can hang together or all hang separately. 

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