Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Why not kick the UN out of US?

Predator movie image was stolen [from here]. 

If the UN wants to support international banker and the corporate organized crime agenda, not ours, shouldn't the UN be kicked out of the US?

Is the UN kicking all average citizens off land, are they ruining small business, the self-employed, the US Constitution, and all American core values? Does the UN own and run the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvanian, etc.? Does the UN advocate population reduction, taxing remaining citizens to breathe, and to control all business, all land, all resources, all energy, all food, all media and news reporting, all financial instruments, and all that is the future human race?

Well, if these puppet rulers of the world say something ... their tongues should be cut out, they should be tortured in the most medieval way, and the cruelest form of execution should be utilized.

Kick the UN out of the US now. Do it now. Do your part.

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