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Police Push For Anti-Cop Comments To Be Legally Considered ‘Hate Speech’

Should it be considered a hate crime to complain about anything the police do wrong? Is talking about police brutality a hate crime? If a cop rapes a woman and the woman reports the rape, is that a hate crime? If the police tell you that you are not allowed to own a home, be married, have a small business, live in a state, to have free speech, and they were domestically spying on you to terrorize you, and you tell elected officials and inform the public, is that a hate crime? If police go after concealed carry permit holders to send them to prison on trumped up charges, and the victims inform others, is that a hate crime? [Then here's my police hate crime]

The above photo and below was cut and pasted from [Black Listed News]. 

The National Fraternal Order of Police is pushing for legislation to classify anti-police comments as “hate speech.” The 300,000 strong FOP says that police officers should fall under the Congressional hate crimes statute, and should thus be regarded as a protected minority.
This bold move comes on the heels of two New York City police officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, who were killed in the line of duty.
The FOP codified their demands in a letter to the White House and Congress which say that police are the targets of “hate speech” that should no longer be legally permitted.
“Right now, it’s a hate crime if you attack someone solely because of the color of their skin, but it ought to be a hate crime if you attack someone solely because of the color of their uniform as well,” said Jim Pasco, the executive director of the National Fraternal Order of Police.
“Enough is enough! It’s time for Congress to do something to protect the men and women who protect us.”
The statement, made by Chuck Canterbury, the president of the union, also calls for harsher punishment for those who bring any harm to law enforcement officers.
Josh Earnest, the Press Secretary for the Obama administration responded, saying it’s “something that we’ll have to consider.”
“A hate crime is defined by Congress as a ‘criminal offense against a person or property motivated in whole or in part by an offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.’ If local authorities decline to prosecute a hate crime, the federal government can take over, making hate crime offenders more likely to face prosecution.”
Based on the definition that the White House cited, police officers could not fall under hate crime protections. But that doesn’t seem to be deterring the FOP, which must apparently think of policing as a religion. [more from source]

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Former FBI assistant director, to keep budgets high, we must ‘keep fear alive’

If you’re submitting budget proposals for a law enforcement agency, for an intelligence agency, you’re not going to submit the proposal that ‘We won the war on terror and everything’s great,’ cuz the first thing that’s gonna happen is your budget’s gonna be cut in half. You know, it’s my opposite of Jesse Jackson’s ‘Keep Hope Alive’—it’s ‘Keep Fear Alive.’ Keep it alive.

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Police Union: You Can Have Safe Neighborhoods Or Be Free Of Flashbang-Burned Toddlers, But Not Both

A Georgia state senator has announced a bill to limit the use of no-knock warrants. These warrants have gone from the exception to the rule over the past several years, as our nation's drug warriors apparently labor under the assumption that drug dealers keep banker's hours. Of course, no-knock raids have resulted in plenty of collateral damage -- both to cops and civilians -- as the element of surprise tends to be bullet-and-flashbang heavy. It's the use of flashbang grenades that has prompted this new legislation, which unfortunately puts it into the category of "Laws Named After Victims," most of which are written badly and hastily.

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New NYPD Anti-Terror Unit Will Get Machine Guns To Police Protesters

"They’ll be equipped and trained in ways that our normal patrol officers are not," Bratton explained. "They’ll be equipped with all the extra heavy protective gear, with the long rifles and machine guns — unfortunately sometimes necessary in these instances." Capital NY adds that these officers will also be used "to assist on crime scenes, and help with crowd control and other large-scale events."

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The Dark Nexus of Mind Control and Artificial Intelligence

In researching the MK ULTRA programs and their various offshoots, I came across an interesting connection to the coming SmartGrid. Under Dr. Ewan Cameron, a prison tracking device known as the Schwitzgebel Machine was utilized to monitor inmates locations, heart rate and other personal details that were reciprocally transmitted to the good doctors. What comes to the fore is the similarity with the development of the Smartphone and its new capabilities for monitoring heart rate, health, etc., as well as basically anything else. Is there a connection between mind control and the coming A.I. takeover? While this may sound like the ultimate paranoiac tin foliage, I suspect more at work here.
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New Bill Would Let Cops Enter Your Home Without a Warrant and Kill Your Dog

Joshua Krause
Activist Post

In light of recent events, it’s become apparent that the public’s opinion of law enforcement is rapidly falling apart. Technology is partly to blame for giving the average citizen the ability to film police encounters at a moment’s notice, and post these videos on the Internet for the world to see. There’s always been bad cops, but now their antics are being exposed more than ever.

Of course, that’s not even the half of it. The police wouldn’t get any bad exposure if they weren’t caught doing terrible things in the first place. A cursory look through a Facebook group like Copblock will give you page after page of cops being stupid, trigger happy, petty, and negligent (and those are just the links gathered from the last 24 hours).

But I don’t think anything has sullied the reputation of American law enforcement more than their propensity for killing dogs. For most dog owners, their pets are members of the family. They treat them like their children. To walk onto someone’s property and shoot their dog is like shooting their kid. And yet these cases are rarely, if ever, brought to court. It’s hard enough to convict a cop for murder. To the courts, reprimanding them for killing a dog would be laughable.

A recent bill being proposed in Mississippi may make it even more difficult to hold the police accountable for these crimes. Specifically, if that dog is a pit bull. If this legislation passes, then anyone in the State of Mississippi who owns a pit bull may have their homes searched by the police without a warrant.

Dubbed, the Mississippi Regulation of Dangerous Dogs Act, it also grants police permission to kill your dog if certain criteria are met. If the dog is not “under proper restraint when on the premises of its owner,” isn’t wearing any vaccination tags, and if the police have failed to peacefully subdue the dog, then they would have every right to shoot.

[More from Activist Post source]

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The first video is of Steven G. Erickson's former Somersville and Stafford Springs, Connecticut, rental properties fixed up from a boarded up condition, having spent 100's of thousands of dollars and years fixing up. Police went after me, for me to lose everything and be railroaded to prison for being a concealed carry permit holder and for being self-employed. The 2nd video is of Ritt Goldstein proposing Civilian Oversight of Police to the Connecticut Judiciary Committee Legislators. Ritt fled to Sweden seeking political asylum so fearing police retaliation.

Cops Raid Poker Game: Steal Cash

A popular word search is, "Connecticut State Trooper stole cash out of my wallet":

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hey Leahy, Bill Binney says the NSA could've thwarted 9/11

Patrick Leahy, Batman movie actor image [found here]. 

Posting the photo is not a threat against Democrat Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy. I am wondering what he is first, a lawyer/prosecutor, an actor, or an elected official serving his constituents and protecting the US Constitution.

I placed the below text in [Senator Leahy's web contact form]:

It is evening Jan. 28, 2015. I just finished an approx 2 and 1/2 hour interview of NSA Whistle Blower William "Bill" Binney. What he says means there should be no TSA, DHS, Patriot Act, NDAA, or 100% domestic spying and abuse paid for by US Taxpayers.

Binney says the NSA isn't to solve problems, it is to spend as much money as possible to share the money with corporate contractor cronies. Binney said all the information needed to thwart 9/11 with existing programs and software.

Binney says the NSA is for monitoring and breaking up social connections using social media. That means to me the NSA is for breaking up marriages, families, friendships, romantic relationships, end employment of targets, and create social pariahs.

I was on a list prior to 9/11 for being a concealed carry permit holder and self-employed. Police told me they could not protect and serve me, only arrest me or concoct an excuse to arrest me. Prosecutors told me they could give me no deals snd could only give me maximum fines and jail time although I broke no laws. Vermont Judges refused to sit on my small claims cases recusing themselves 3 times just before a small claims case dragging for about a year. A lawyer was appointed to sit on my case and then refused to give an answer for 3 months, dismissing my claims.

I wish to meet you on camera and talk about domestic spying, the NSA, abuse of citizens on an illegal target list, and about the NSA misappropriations of funds. I would like to have a special hearing to institute a program to remedy (cases of) citizens who are victims of domestic spying and abuse. Will you have a staff member get back to me about whether we can meet in Vermont or Washington, DC?

Word search Stark Raving Viking for my blog and look for today's date for more information.

-Steven G. Erickson


The Future of Freedom: A Feature Interview with NSA Whistleblower William Binney

[Direct link to video]

Text with video:

Published on Jan 28, 2015
A 36-year veteran of America’s Intelligence Community, William Binney resigned from his position as Director for Global Communications Intelligence (COMINT) at the National Security Agency (NSA) and blew the whistle, after discovering that his efforts to protect the privacy and security of Americans were being undermined by those above him in the chain of command.

The NSA data-monitoring program which Binney and his team had developed -- codenamed ThinThread -- was being aimed not at foreign targets as intended, but at Americans (codenamed as Stellar Wind); destroying privacy here and around the world. Binney voices his call to action for the billions of individuals whose rights are currently being violated.

William Binney speaks out in this feature-length interview with Tragedy and Hope's Richard Grove, focused on the topic of the ever-growing Surveillance State in America.

On January 22, 2015: (Berlin, Germany) – The Government Accountability Project (GAP) is proud to announce that retired NSA Technical Director and GAP client, William "Bill" Binney, will accept the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence Award today in Berlin, Germany. The award is presented annually by the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence (SAAII) to a professional who has taken a strong stand for ethics and integrity.

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We are all now John Gotti

Imagine of John Gotti was [found here]. 

To tap phones, install bugs in homes, record conversations, and do video surveillance a judge needed to sign a warrant. Police, or other investigators, had to have a reasonable suspicion, and probable cause, to ask for a warrant to spy on you. The US Constitution, and the [Bill of Rights], was respected. The system worked, mostly as designed. Heads of police , of courts, and their politician friend could make more money if they can circumvent the US Constitution.

Characters like [Rudy Giuliani], [Michael Chertoff], and others who investigated and/or prosecuted Mafia figures adopted the tactics, have immunity from prosecution because of their positions, and former positions, and their crimes are label "national security", not crimes warranting prosecution.

[John Ashcroft] was the Missouri Governor, US Attorney General, and now lobbyist in Washington, DC. If you have $100,000, or more in cash, you allegedly can have John Ashcroft influence just about any elected, or non-elected, official in the US if you have enough money. No crime is too big if you know the right people. No corporate or banker scam is too sleazy or over the top if enough money is set on the right table. [Bernie Madoff] just didn't pay off, and cut in, the right people. 

Lawyers, Judges, Commissioners of State Police, US Attorneys, to level FBI, NSA, CIA, IRS, and other agencies transfer back and forth, state to federal, federal to state, different branches of government and the spider web of influence is not discernible. Insiders get all sorts of pensions and give and receive favors also known a bribes. Influence is for sale. What do graduate student Tomas Foral and [John A. Danaher, III] who was US Attorney, then Connecticut State Police Commissioner, and then Connecticut Judge have to do with the [Anthrax Hoax]?

The international banker and corporate organized crime cartel has the US under stealth occupation. To maintain control we all have to be under surveillance, all of our conversations need to be recorded and word searchable, all transaction must occur through, and with the permission of, the stealth occupation.

The US Constitution, and especially the US Bill of Rights, are our rules for government behavior. If the government does not follow any of our rules, why should we follow theirs? Are we all worse criminals than Mafia crime boss [John Gotti], getting treated as far worse, not getting our right respected? We need to take the wind out of the Official Mafia which has us under stealth occupation.

John Gotti : Documentary on Taking Down Mafia Boss John Gotti

2 More Scumbag lying lawyers, Bill and Hillary Clinton, CIA affiliated Cocaine Traffickers:

Frm Canadian Minister Of Defense Talks About Banker Takeover of Canada

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Death of the Saudi Arabian King, a "SkekUng" or "SkekSil?

Above image was [found here

Alex Jones of talks about how a youtube video of his was censored, and his youtube channel was put in jeopardy, by upsetting the Saudis. Does Saudi Arabia have censor authority over youtube and google blogs? 

Alex Jones called the characters, either Sketzeis, Sketty, Sketzy, Skeksi, or something similar. Jones said he made a video mocking the death of the most recent Saudi Arabian King. Jones says, [in this video], that Saudi Arabia has censor power in America.

We the People may not inflame, upset, pester, or bother those who bribe our politicians best, the Israelis and Saudis. We the People may not tell the truth about all the abuse. There is the NSA, CIA, FBI, and your local State Police Intelligence Unit ready to railroad you to prison, have police informants beat or kill you, or have a special unit disappear you, or make your murder look like a suicide.

It was mostly Saudi Arabian Intelligence operatives involved in the alleged perpetration of 9/11. Yet, there were no sanctions against Saudi Arabia. There was no Declaration of War. Saudi Arabia's involvement was censored out of the official 9/11 report. I assume the Israeli Intelligence Unit, the Mossad, involvement was also censored out as well.

The FBI dropped the ball, a complete fail when they found the bombers, supplied the funds, supplied the plan, supplied the live bombs, and allowed the bombers to bomb the World Trade Centers back in 1993. When the [US Military Intelligence Unit, the ATF, and FBI blew up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City back in 1994], they couldn't even blow up an entire building correctly. Then allegedly in 2001, with the help of the Israeli and Saudi Arabian special units, mission accomplished!

Saudi Arabia and the operators of America want to put the Russians out of the oil business and end the fracking in the US, the competition. Low oil prices is yet another NWO scam.

The mocking of the death of the Saudi Arabian King, about 10 minutes in, check the video below. I did not see what Alex Jones posted to get censored, but I imagine that is the best mocking of the Saudi Arabian King dying. It is no French Paper showing the Prophet Mohammad performing oral sex in a cartoon, but it is something that will upset those who are really in charge of us, offshore, in America.

Long live the ruling elite in Israel and Saudi Arabia, CENSOR THE INTERNET ENTIRELY RIGHT NOW!

[Dark Crystal Muppet Movie Characters list, click here]

The Dark Crystal Melanin Movie

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Will all average Americans become "Gee-I-Had"?:

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The below was cut and pasted [from Wikipedia]

Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Arabic: عبدالله بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود‎, ‘Abd Allāh ibn ‘Abd al-‘Azīz Āl Sa‘ūd, Najdi Arabic pronunciation: [ʢæbˈdɑɫ.ɫɐ ben ˈʢæbdæl ʢæˈziːz ʔæːl sæˈʢuːd]; 1 August 1924 – 23 January 2015) was the King of Saudi Arabia and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques from 2005 to 2015. He ascended to the throne on 1 August 2005 upon the death of his half-brother, King Fahd.
Abdullah, like Fahd, was one of the many sons of Ibn Saud, the founder of modern Saudi Arabia. Abdullah held important political posts throughout most of his adult life. In 1961 he became mayor of Mecca, his first public office.[1] And, in 1962, he was appointed commander of the Saudi Arabian National Guard, a post he was still holding when he became king. He also served as deputy defense minister and was named crown prince when Fahd took the throne in 1982. After King Fahd suffered a serious stroke in 1995, Abdullah became the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia until ascending the throne a decade later.
During his reign he maintained close relations with United States and Britain and bought billions of dollars worth of defense equipment from both states.[2] He also gave women the right to vote and to compete in the Olympics.[3] Furthermore, Abdullah maintained the status quo during the waves of protest in the kingdom during the Arab Spring.[4] In November 2013, a BBC report claimed that Saudi Arabia could obtain nuclear weapons at will from Pakistan due to a longstanding relationship.[5]
The King outlived two of his crown princes. Conservative Interior Minister Nayef bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud was named heir to the throne on the death of Sultan bin Abdulaziz in October 2011, but Nayef himself died in June 2012. Abdullah then named the 76-year-old defense minister, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, as crown prince. According various reports, Abdullah married about 30 times, and had more than 35 children.[6][7][8][9] The king had a personal fortune estimated at US$18 billion, making him the third wealthiest head of state in the world.[10] He died on 23 January 2015, aged 90, three weeks after being hospitalized for pneumonia.[11]

[more from source]

Monday, January 26, 2015

Obama, $2 Trillion Man. $50,000 per year per citizen Obamacare

Obamacare program costs $50,000 in taxpayer money for every American who gets health insurance, says bombshell budget report

Stunning figure comes from Congressional Budget Office report that revised cost estimates for the next 10 years Government will spend $1.993 TRILLION over a decade and take in $643 BILLION in new taxes, penalties and fees related to Obamacare

The $1.35 trillion net cost will result in 'between 24 million and 27 million' fewer Americans being uninsured – a $50,000 price tag per person at best

The law will still leave 'between 29 million and 31 million' nonelderly Americans without medical insurance Numbers assume Obamacare insurance exchange enrollment will double between now and 2025


THE $2 TRILLION DOLLAR MAN: President Barack Obama was in India on Monday when the Congressional Budget Office reported the federal government's gross costs for a decade of Obamacare will be $1.993 trillion

It will cost the federal government – taxpayers, that is – $50,000 for every person who gets health insurance under the Obamacare law, the Congressional Budget Office revealed on Monday.

The number comes from figures buried in a 15-page section of the nonpartisan organization's new ten-year budget outlook.

The best-case scenario described by the CBO would result in 'between 24 million and 27 million' fewer Americans being uninsured in 2025, compared to the year before the Affordable Care Act took effect.

Pulling that off will cost Uncle Sam about $1.35 trillion – or $50,000 per head.

[the above text and photo was cut and pasted from here]

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CIA screws over minorities and American Patriots trying to help?

CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Convicted

Is the case about the CIA discriminating against minorities, or about actual crimes committed? What Sterling might be guilty of, pales in comparison to what former Vice-President Richard "Dick" Cheney is actually guilty of and has not been arrested, process, arraigned, prosecuted, and punished.

Is Sterling yet another American Patriot screwed over for doing the right thing?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Is it time to finally bury the Corporate Aristocracy?

The "Corpo-Lunatics", the globalists, are out to take all land, water, and air. We are taxed to breathe. Taxed to breed, and taxed to death by those who have stolen and who claim to own. UN Agenda 21 is being rammed down our throats in what might be one final push of desperation ... hopefully not an end of any meaningful existence for any of the average soul on Earth ...

Although the first shots were fired in 1775 and the Declaration was signed in 1776, the war against a transnational corporation and the nation that used it to extract wealth from its colonies had just begun. These colonists, facing the biggest empire and military force in the world, fought for five more years—the war didn’t end until General Charles Cornwallis surrendered in October 1781. Even then some resistance remained; the last loyalists and the British left New York starting in April 1782, and the treaty that formally ended the war was signed in Paris in September 1783.

The first form of government, the Articles of Confederation, was written in 1777 and endorsed by the states in 1781. It was subsequently replaced by our current Constitution, as has been documented in many books. In this chapter we take a look at the visions that motivated what Alexis de Tocqueville would later call America’s experiment with democracy in a republic. One of its most conspicuous features was the lack of vast wealth or any sort of corporation that resembled the East India Company—until the early 1800s.

The First Glimpses of a Powerful American Company

Very few people are aware that Thomas Jefferson considered freedom from monopolies to be one of the fundamental human rights. But it was very much a part of his thinking during the time when the Bill of Rights was born.

In fact, most of the Founders never imagined a huge commercial empire sweeping over their land, reminiscent of George R. T. Hewes’s “ships of an enormous burthen” with “immense quantities” of goods. Rather, most of them saw an America made up of people like themselves: farmers.

In a speech before the House of Representatives on April 9, 1789, James Madison referred to agriculture as the great staple of America. He added, “I think [agriculture] may justly be styled the staple of the United States; from the spontaneous productions which nature furnishes, and the manifest preference it has over every other object of emolument in this country.”1

In a National Gazette article on March 3, 1792, Madison wrote,

The class of citizens who provide at once their own food and their own raiment, may be viewed as the most truly independent and happy. They are more: they are the best basis of public liberty, and the strongest bulwark of public safety. It follows, that the greater the proportion of this class to the whole society, the more free, the more independent, and the more happy must be the society itself.

The first large privately owned corporation to rise up in the new United States during the presidential terms of Jefferson (1801 to 1809) and Madison (1809 to 1817) was the Second Bank of the United States. By 1830 the bank was one of the largest and most powerful private corporations and, to extend its own power, was even sponsoring its directors and agents as candidates for political office.

In President Andrew Jackson’s annual message to Congress on December 3, 1833, he explicitly demanded that the bank cease its political activities or receive a corporate death sentence—revocation of its corporate charter. He said, “In this point of the case the question is distinctly presented whether the people of the United States are to govern through representatives chosen by their unbiased suffrages or whether the money and power of a great corporation are to be secretly exerted to influence their judgment and control their decisions.”3

Jackson succeeded in forcing a withdrawal of all federal funds from the bank that year, putting it out of business. Its federal charter expired in 1836 and was revived only as a state bank authorized by the State of Pennsylvania. It went bankrupt in 1841.

Although thousands of federal, state, county, city, and community laws of the time restrained corporations vastly more than they are today, the presidents who followed Jackson continued to worry out loud about the implications if corporations expanded their power.

In the middle of the thirty-year struggle, on March 10, 1827, James Madison wrote a letter to his friend James K. Paulding about the issue:

With regard to Banks, they have taken too deep and too wide a root in social transactions, to be got rid of altogether, if that were desirable....they have a hold on public opinion, which alone would make it expedient to aim rather at the improvement, than the suppression of them. As now generally constituted, their advantages whatever they be, are outweighed by the excesses of their paper emissions, and the partialities and corruption with which they are administered.

Thus, while Madison saw the rise of corporate power and its dangers during and after his presidency, the issues weren’t obvious to him when he was helping write the U.S. Constitution decades earlier. And that may have been significant when the Bill of Rights was being put together.

The Federalists versus the Democratic Republicans

Shortly after George Washington became the first president of the United States in 1789, his secretary of the treasury, Alexander Hamilton, proposed that the federal government incorporate a national bank and assume state debts left over from the Revolutionary War. Congressman James Madison and Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson saw this as an inappropriate role for the federal government, representing the potential concentration of too much money and power. (The Bill of Rights, with its Tenth Amendment reserving powers to the states, wouldn’t be ratified for two more years.)

[More from source with video]

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bill Gates Pushes For Cashless Society

Bill Gates and other billionaires consider most of us useless eaters. They believe in Eugenics, and that most of us should be sterilized, enslaved, used for elite purposes, and/or infinitely detained, tortured, raped, robbed, and murdered. We need to address the Billionaire attitude problem with a reality check visited on each and every one of them. [Source of Bill Gates photo]

Billionaires, bankers, and international corporate organized crime do not want us trading, transacting, and getting together without all of our conversations and interactions being recorded, monitored, and punished if not conforming with what our owners, the elite, want. 

We need a worldwide slave rebellion.

The less than 1/10 of one percent should not be able to declare they own and decide everything, and have us all agree. They do not own us, the air, and have the ability to tax us to breathe. Do you air that Al Gore, piece of shit scam artist? 

Will more Americans join the "Gee-I-Had" condition, and movement? [Judicial Abuse blog post]


We need to send the elite into orbit for what they want. If they want to merge with alien intelligent life and get rid of the rest of us, why don't we send them into orbit without space suits? If it is their destiny to merge, they will live, if not ... oh well ...

Is Bag Balm Ointment going out of business?

I used this on my daughter's face when she was a baby. She had such a bad rash that would not go away, it was dry and kept getting worse. The absolutely only medicine or ointment that would work is Bag Balm, made in Vermont.

My aunt had a split in her heal from dry skin. It was the only ointment, or medicine that would work on her dry skin on her feet. She no longer limped and bled from the heal on her foot. Bag Balm brought her feet back where she was not embarrassed to wear sandals, flip-flops, or to go barefoot.

My hands looks like that of a 20 year old. It is all I use on my hands in the Winter. Cut with regular lotion is will keep your back from itching like crazy.

I've taped deep cuts that I should have gotten stitches for. I either had no scar after, or just a slight one. I have crashed motorcycles quite badly out in the trails and out on the road. 

As far as I know it has been a word of mouth product that has been behind the pharmacy counters at Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, etc. You just have to ask for it.

It was originally come up with to soften a cow's utter for milking, and still is. On a snowy Winter day, if the cow's teats are red, raw, and sore, she will kick and not want to be milked. Bag balm can make dry skin subtle like butter. Hands down it is great for any kind of rash. Some Vermonters call it, "Penis Cream".  

Sexually active men and women use it for a preventative for certain outbreaks. An older guy who still has sex two, three or more times a day, it is a must. Political activists who don't do drugs, don't drink, and don't eat comfort food have to have some sort of fun, right? Eat healthy, no GMO, and no drugs and alcohol, and keep a tin of Bag Balm around and you too, can have sex like the young, rich, and famous.

If you are prepping for Martial Law, bag balm is something that is a "must have". If I can't find Bag Balm locally, I am going to order it on Amazon, as much as I can afford. 


My video favorites and uploads:


Ivory Soap which floats when you bathe in a river, stream, or lake does not pollute the environment. I also use it to wash my clothes in a large lobster pot on a camp fire. The EPA has already made the woodstoves that work best and keep me warm, illegal. Barbecues and campfires are next. F the EPA.

Here is how you make soap if you run out:

Friday, January 23, 2015

A 600,000 Cubic Foot Blimp May Be Spying on You

The below piece and photo was cut and pasted from the Activist Post, piece written by Ted Baumann, [source]

In the summer of 1849, Austrian Field Marshall Joseph Radetzky did something no one had done before: He bombed a city from the air.

His target was Venice, then in rebellion against the Habsburg crown. During the siege, he launched a fleet of unmanned linen balloons, carrying bombs made from canister shot and gunpowder, timed to drop over the besieged city.

Radetzky told Emperor Franz Joseph that the effect on the people of Venice was “frightful.” Indeed, Radetzky’s balloons had done little physical damage, but had a substantial effect on the morale of the city’s defenders. As the 19th century wore on, fear of attack by airships became a constant theme in popular literature. By World War I, the mere mention of the word “Zeppelin” was enough to cause panic in the streets of London.

A prevailing theme in the literature of the era and the minds of the people was that these aerial monsters would always be deployed by one’s enemies. So it says a lot about the current atmosphere in the U.S. that the overwhelming public reaction to the deployment of massive Army blimps over Interstate 95 in Maryland has been fear and rejection….

Government Surveillance: From Zeppelin to JLENS

The blimps launched just outside Baltimore in December — known as Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor Systems (JLENS) — are the largest ever sent aloft. At 80 yards long with a total volume of around 600,000 cubic feet, they’re the size of three Goodyear blimps. They will float at 10,000 feet, about one-third as high as an airliner. They’re also expensive. The two prototype airships have cost almost $3 billion so far.

Officially, the blimps will deploy a sophisticated radar system that can spot and track aircraft, missiles, ships or even ground vehicles in a circular area, ranging from New York to North Carolina and from halfway to Bermuda to the Ohio Valley. They are meant to replace the Air Force radar planes currently used for this purpose

But JLENS isn’t technically limited to radar. If equipped with high-resolution cameras, they can see and record everything for miles, in extraordinary detail. In Kabul, for example, residents are used to seeing the U.S. military’s tethered blimp — called the Persistent Ground Surveillance system — hovering above the city, capturing video of daily life below.

Blimps are ideal platforms for mass surveillance. As Ginger McCall, associate director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), says, “There’s something inherently suspect for the public to look up in the sky and see this surveillance device hanging there. It’s the definition of persistent surveillance.” Not only can the blimps potentially see everything you’re doing — they can be seen seeing you. That speaks volumes.

Like Radetzky’s balloons and Count von Zeppelin’s dirigibles, the main effect of the big blimps will be psychological. As Ed Herlik, a former Air Force officer and technology analyst, explains: “If you put a camera in a sky over an area where you expect a lot of unrest, the area will calm down.”

Stay Calm, but Get Ready to Go

Does the U.S. government expect unrest in an area the size of Texas centered on Washington, D.C.? If our rulers are smart, they should.

They incur debt on our behalf at a terrific rate. They use those borrowings to increase their capacity to monitor and control us, and to undertake ruinous foreign wars. They indulge in wholesale corruption, sanitized as “campaign finance.” And they resolutely refuse to listen to the wishes of the majority of Americans, who don’t want any of these things.

As we advise our Freedom Alliance members, you can expect a lower level of public service and amenities in countries that aren’t as rich as the U.S. The upside is that the governments of those countries also can’t afford to spend $3 billion on massive surveillance blimps parked atop their capital cities, even if they wanted to.

From where I stand, our slide towards a corrupt, oligarchic U.S. society, held in check by mass technological surveillance and unaccountable bureaucracy, is well under way. It’s not a theoretical issue anymore — and neither is the need to do something about it.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Begin making steps to establish second residency in another country, and start preparing for a life elsewhere … where there aren’t any blimps hovering overhead.

Ted Baumann is an Offshore and Asset Protection Editor who joined The Sovereign Society in 2013. As an expat who lived in South Africa for 25 years, Ted specializes in asset protection and international migration. He is the editor of Offshore Confidential and Plan B Club. His writing is featured at The Sovereign Investor, where this article first appeared. For more information about how to protect your assets, please visit here

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Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B and the Paris Shooting

Show Notes:

Turks Are Held in Plot to Help Uighurs Leave China
China’s “War on Terror”
Antiterror raids suggest Belgium has become centre for extremists
Turkey mafia paid to smuggle Paris suspect into Syria: Sources
Information on Democracy Now! funding
BFP Exposé: CIA-Obama-George Soros Coordinated Misinformation Campaign with Democracy Now!
Sibel Edmonds’ new podcast: Probable Cause Episode 1
The Unknown Citizen by W.H. Auden

[More from source, the Corbett Report]

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The below, written by Maira Sutton, was cut and pasted [from here]

Secret TPP Negotiations—And Public Protests—To Be Held in New York City

The next round of secret Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations begins this Monday, January 26, and runs through the following week at the Sheraton New York Time Square Hotel in downtown Manhattan.

As with many previous TPP meetings, the public will be shut out of talks as negotiators convene behind closed doors to decide binding rules that could impact how our lawmakers set digital policy in the decades to come. Big content industry interests have been given privileged access to negotiating texts and have driven the US Trade Representative's mandate when it comes to copyright—which is why the TPP carries extreme copyright measures that ignore users' rights.

Some claim that this could be the final official round of TPP negotiations. The White House and Congressional lawmakers are now hard at work to pass a law to fast track this agreement and other secretive deals through Congress to ratification. Fast Track, also known as trade promotion authority (TPA) would transfer Congress' power over trade policy to the President, by preventing them from debating or modifying the terms of trade deals after international negotiations are finalized. The countries negotiating TPP with the US are willing to give in and agree to bad copyright rules as long as they get the other gains they were promised—things like market access and lowered tariffs so they can sell their products to US consumers. But those other countries will not budge without a guarantee that the overwhelming public opposition to the agreement won't prevent its adoption in the United States. Fast Track offers that guarantee; that's one reason the White House is now desperate to pass it.

Several public interest groups are organizing a protest outside the luxury Sheraton Hotel this Monday, January 26 at noon. Many of those demonstrating will be there to oppose other provisions in the TPP, but we encourage people to be there to represent all the users around the world who will be impacted by this massive agreement's draconian policies.

If you are not in the New York area, take action now by signing this petition to Sen. Ron Wyden, calling on him to stand up for digital rights and oppose any new Fast Track bill. You can also give him your message directly by phoning his office at (202) 224-5244.

If you have already signed the petition, contact your elected representatives and let them know that you want them to oppose Fast Track for TPP and any other secret deals that put users' rights at risk.

For the latest news in digital privacy and civil liberties please visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation, where this article first appeared

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Police using microwave radiation to spy inside your home?

How safe is a device that can see through bricks and mortar, some metals, and multiple walls? How safe are US citizens without sovereignty and a US Constitution? The US Constitution is the rule book for the US Government. It the corporate and banker government of occupation does not follow our rules, why should we follow theirs? Why are we funding our own abuse?

[Liars do as liars will] [Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites]

[Americans forced to join Gee-I-Had?]


The above image and below text was cut and pasted [from here]. 

WASHINGTON — At least 50 U.S. law enforcement agencies have secretly equipped their officers with radar devices that allow them to effectively peer through the walls of houses to see whether anyone is inside, a practice raising new concerns about the extent of government surveillance.

Those agencies, including the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service, began deploying the radar systems more than two years ago with little notice to the courts and no public disclosure of when or how they would be used. The technology raises legal and privacy issues because the U.S. Supreme Court has said officers generally cannot use high-tech sensors to tell them about the inside of a person's house without first obtaining a search warrant.

The radars work like finely tuned motion detectors, using radio waves to zero in on movements as slight as human breathing from a distance of more than 50 feet. They can detect whether anyone is inside of a house, where they are and whether they are moving.

Current and former federal officials say the information is critical for keeping officers safe if they need to storm buildings or rescue hostages. But privacy advocates and judges have nonetheless expressed concern about the circumstances in which law enforcement agencies may be using the radars — and the fact that they have so far done so without public scrutiny.

"The idea that the government can send signals through the wall of your house to figure out what's inside is problematic," said Christopher Soghoian, the American Civil Liberties Union's principal technologist. "Technologies that allow the police to look inside of a home are among the intrusive tools that police have."

Agents' use of the radars was largely unknown until December, when a federal appeals court in Denver said officers had used one before they entered a house to arrest a man wanted for violating his parole. The judges expressed alarm that agents had used the new technology without a search warrant, warning that "the government's warrantless use of such a powerful tool to search inside homes poses grave Fourth Amendment questions."

By then, however, the technology was hardly new. Federal contract records show the Marshals Service began buying the radars in 2012, and has so far spent at least $180,000 on them.

Justice Department spokesman Patrick Rodenbush said officials are reviewing the court's decision. He said the Marshals Service "routinely pursues and arrests violent offenders based on pre-established probable cause in arrest warrants" for serious crimes.

The device the Marshals Service and others are using, known as the Range-R, looks like a sophisticated stud-finder. Its display shows whether it has detected movement on the other side of a wall and, if so, how far away it is — but it does not show a picture of what's happening inside. The Range-R's maker, L-3 Communications, estimates it has sold about 200 devices to 50 law enforcement agencies at a cost of about $6,000 each.

Other radar devices have far more advanced capabilities, including three-dimensional displays of where people are located inside a building, according to marketing materials from their manufacturers. One is capable of being mounted on a drone. And the Justice Department has funded research to develop systems that can map the interiors of buildings and locate the people within them.

The radars were first designed for use in Iraq and Afghanistan. They represent the latest example of battlefield technology finding its way home to civilian policing and bringing complex legal questions with it.

Those concerns are especially thorny when it comes to technology that lets the police determine what's happening inside someone's home. The Supreme Court ruled in 2001 that the Constitution generally bars police from scanning the outside of a house with a thermal camera unless they have a warrant, and specifically noted that the rule would apply to radar-based systems that were then being developed.

In 2013, the court limited police's ability to have a drug dog sniff the outside of homes. The core of the Fourth Amendment, Justice Antonin Scalia wrote, is "the right of a man to retreat into his own home and there be free from unreasonable governmental intrusion."

Still, the radars appear to have drawn little scrutiny from state or federal courts. The federal appeals court's decision published last month was apparently the first by an appellate court to reference the technology or its implications.

That case began when a fugitive-hunting task force headed by the U.S. Marshals Service tracked a man named Steven Denson, wanted for violating his parole, to a house in Wichita. Before they forced the door open, Deputy U.S. Marshal Josh Moff testified, he used a Range-R to detect that someone was inside.

Moff's report made no mention of the radar; it said only that officers "developed reasonable suspicion that Denson was in the residence."

Agents arrested Denson for the parole violation and charged him with illegally possessing two firearms they found inside. The agents had a warrant for Denson's arrest but did not have a search warrant. Denson's lawyer sought to have the guns charge thrown out, in part because the search began with the warrantless use of the radar device.

Three judges on the federal 10th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the search, and Denson's conviction, on other grounds. Still, the judges wrote, they had "little doubt that the radar device deployed here will soon generate many questions for this court."

But privacy advocates said they see more immediate questions, including how judges could be surprised by technology that has been in agents' hands for at least two years. "The problem isn't that the police have this. The issue isn't the technology; the issue is always about how you use it and what the safeguards are," said Hanni Fakhoury, a lawyer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The Marshals Service has faced criticism for concealing other surveillance tools. Last year, the ACLU obtained an e-mail from a Sarasota, Fla., police sergeant asking officers from another department not to reveal that they had received information from a cellphone-monitoring tool known as a stingray. "In the past, and at the request of the U.S. Marshals, the investigative means utilized to locate the suspect have not been revealed," he wrote, suggesting that officers instead say they had received help from "a confidential source."

William Sorukas, a former supervisor of the Marshals Service's domestic investigations arm, said deputies are not instructed to conceal the agency's high-tech tools, but they also know not to advertise them. "If you disclose a technology or a method or a source, you're telling the bad guys along with everyone else," he said.

Follow investigative reporter Brad Heath on Twitter at @bradheath

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Michael Chertoff is a former prosecutor of big name Mafioso. Chertoff is worse than any mobster forcing us to pay taxes for million dollar plus naked body scanners. Head the US Department of Homeland Security DHS, then go work for a corporation and use your influence to sell crap that Americans didn't ask for or need. Chertoff is a whore of our corporate/banker occupation. John Gotti was a walking bag of excrement. Chertoff is Satan in comparison, and prosecuted figures like Gotti. The worst tactics of organized crime, are the tactics of vermin like Chertoff. Who will prosecute official organized crime?

"Governments don't have a right to exist. They have a right to defend themselves," - Retired CIA Officer

CIA Agent Explains How Al-Qaeda Doesn't Exist

NSA and CIA using meta data for list of Americans to kill

Monday, January 19, 2015

"US Military, disobey your orders," - Kenneth O'Keefe

Ken O'Okeefe picture after allegedly being beaten by Israeli goons was [found here] with other picture and video.

O'Keefe breaks down the current state of the union in the US quite well. He calls out those who are guilty of war crimes, global thievery, and crimes against humanity.

US taxpayers fund their own abuse. US taxpayers fund abuse all over the world. Are Americans committing treason by paying taxes?

There is rampant public corruption, police brutality, and judicial misconduct. We can all end up belonging to the [American Gee-I-Had] after being ripped off of everything. 

  Ken O'keefe on PressTv exposes Obama, Bush, ISIS, Bankers, Syria - Demoralizes bald shill - EPIC

Text with above video:

Published on Sep 14, 2014
Ken O'keefe on PressTV speaks the truth on Syria and current events.

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The below was cut and pasted [from here]. 

US President Barack Obama should allow the publication of the 28 pages that were redacted from the Senate’s report on September 11, 2001 attacks which will reveal forces behind terrorism, a political commentator says.

In an interview with Press TV on Wednesday, Bill Jones said, “There is not going to be a military success” in fight against the ISIL terrorism, but “as a matter of fact of President Obama could make a more effective move if he would allow these 28 pages in the report on 9/11, which indicates Saudi government involvement in the 9/11, to be made public.”

“That would at least takes a step forward in trying to expose the forces behind terrorism, but of course they are not going to do that. They want to appease the Saudis in this respect,” added Jones, Washington Bureau Chief of the Executive Intelligence Review .

In July 2004, the 9/11 Commission issued a landmark report on the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, with many recommendations for upgrading the US security apparatus to avoid a new tragedy.

However, 28 pages were redacted from the report, which according to the lead author of the study, former Senator Bob Graham, “point a very strong finger at Saudi Arabia as the principal financier” of the 9/11 hijackers.

Many observers believe the 9/11 attacks, which killed almost 3,000 people and caused at least $10 billion in property and infrastructure damage, was a false-flag operation and that some segments within the US administration orchestrated the attacks in order to reverse the declining US economy and to save the Zionist regime.

Bill Jones said “US soldiers are probably going to waste more lives and more treasure in this fight against ISIL. It cannot be won on the battlefield. It can only be won by mobilizing really the countries in the region, and that includes creating a relationship with the Syrian government which are also fighting ISIL.”

“But the underlined problem requires also a change of policy by this government. Obama is moving down a slippery slope towards a Vietnam-like quagmire that could last for years or even decades,” he concluded.

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Obama should publish 28 pages showing Saudi link to 9/11 

How did all out J. Edgar Hoover domestic spying work out for MLK?

Cross-dresser, transvestite, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, a racist, hated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Hoover had King's telephone, hotel room, and bedroom bugged and tapped. Hoover tried to wreck King's marriage, destroy his reputation, and drive King to suicide. How is all out spying working for the current economy and quality of life for all of us today?

Got Freedom? 

Domestic spying is also used to set up the famous, and not so famous, for being murdered, discredited, beaten, and/or set for false arrest and prison. MLK was. An African American and Hispanic Connecticut State Police Trooper warned me, Steven G. Erickson, that White Officers put me on a list to be murdered, arrested, beaten up, and/or discredited etc. [That story, Sandy Hook, and gun confiscation post].

White Officers have to have limited intelligence to be a Connecticut State Police Officer. Women and minorities have to be hired in specific numbers. So, most of the quota-hires are more intelligent, caring, and do not go along with the White Male Corruption Culture in the Connecticut State Police. Other departments across the nation are possibly as racist and corrupt. The Connecticut State Police version of CSI would drop watermelon rinds, chicken bones near deceased African Americans, or stage dead, murdered, bodies in racist, sexually inappropriate positions, allegedly putting a dildo in one Hispanic's butt, and sending sexist and racist emails to each other with captions and digital photos.


A real popular word search term is, "Connecticut State Trooper stole cash out of my wallet."

[Steven G. Erickson video uploads and favorites]

Friday, January 16, 2015

Attn Atty Looney Sandy Hook Taskforce

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The below is an open letter faxed and emailed to Attorney and [State Senator Martin M. Looney]

January 16, 2015
Attn: Attorney and Connecticut State Senator Martin M. Looney and/or staff on the Sandy Hook Task Force

I am requesting that I be given a time, place, and date to view the autopsy results and photos of the alleged shooting victims at Sandy Hook School, Newtown, Connecticut. From the systemic lying, perjury, manufacturing of evidence, suppressing of evidence, coercing witnesses, racketeering, court case rigging, obstruction of justice, raping, robbing, beating, and murderous behavior of the Connecticut State Police best exposed by the [Peter Reilly case], I believe it was too big an undertaking to manufacture that much Sandy Hook evidence. I wish to see to believe. I’m posting this letter online and I expect and answer.

Word search “Stark Raving Viking”, look for my blog with that name and look for today’s date. One of the most popular internet word searches is, “Connecticut State Trooper stole my cash”. A State of Connecticut Police Lieutenant offered me money to help him find guns for his private collection to have police informant thieves steal. He also offered me money to go to gun shows to take down plate numbers of gun buyers and pay special attention to the list of guns he wanted. That was pre-9/11, and I refused to break laws for police to become a police officer.

I was on the Secret Police Target list for being a concealed carry permit holder, having a wife that a fat officer who lived with his mother wanted, for being self-employed, and for being outspoken in letters to the editor critical of predatory policing and rigged courts. I informed State Senators Kissel and Guglielmo of the police harassment, illegal activities, profiteering, court case rigging, police threatening my life, following me wherever I went, and mocking the content of my cell phone calls and emails to others. I told the Senators of the police threatening to take me for my last ride in a police cruiser trunk in handcuffs with my teeth kicked out. Kissel and Guglielmo knew I was being terrorized by police and railroaded to prison to lose my job, home, family, everything to be kicked out Connecticut, and they did nothing. Do elected officials represent international criminals or us?

Officers also threatened to break up my marriage, make me lose my house, contracting business, and estrange me from my daughter, and kick me out of Connecticut after I serve a prison sentence. They honored their word.

[Ritt Goldstein] also proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to Connecticut elected officials. He was so terrorized by police he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum. Police Union Liaison to elected officials, Stephen Spellman told Tony Guglielmo and Rep. Mordasky’s aid Rosemarie that I was going to wish I was never born for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. It may have prevented 9/11. The International Police Union is allegedly attempting to end the US Constitution, legal civilian gun ownership, Free Speech, property ownership, self-employment, and increase power and profits for international bankers and corporate organized crime.

The (Police) Union has allegedly infiltrated court workers and legislative aids. I believe Sandy Hook is just another Connecticut State Police false flag scam just like the alleged Anthrax Hoax involving then 26 year old [UConn Graduate Student Tomas Foral, and Connecticut US Attorney John A. Danaher III] who later because Connecticut State Police Commissioner, then Connecticut Judge.

An African American and Hispanic State Police Officer warned me of various State Police plots to set me up for DUI using [Barbara Sattal], being with a woman who would ask me to give her money to buy cocaine for me to sleep with her, and having druggie felons threaten me and chase me to my backdoor of my home where if they caught me, and beat me, only I would be arrested and go to prison. The above is common Connecticut State Police behavior. Did the Connecticut State Police suspend their antics for just one day and work as respectable, honest cops, the day of the alleged Sandy Hook School Shooting? I think not.

Before I was arrested for anything, I was warned by an officer that Connecticut State Police Informant, drug dealer, and thief who stole guns from legal gun owners for police and to supply criminals and drug dealers with guns, [Stephen Weatherwax] was sent out to turn off the main electrical breaker, so I would have to go out in the dark to turn it back on, where Weatherwax would empty a .25 caliber handgun clip into me, killing me. I did not go out to throw the breaker until daylight the next day because of the warning.

Another officer told me that the Whitey Bulger investigation and pursuit of prosecution had to be shut down not to reveal the Hartford Jai Alai Fronton was a front for murder-for-hire, hub for Multiple State State Police/ FBI/CIA/DEA/Organized Crime fixing of cases, judge and prosecutor shopping, for streamlining heroin and cocaine trafficking, prostitution, white slavery, kidnapping and sexual exploitation of children, and the testing of new propaganda techniques and new military weapons on the general public. Please check out the newest [Whitey Bulger] documentary on Netflix. Word search, “Let’s Talk about Sandy Hook” for the documentary on youtube. The Hartford Jai Alai crowd allegedly morphed into the US Department of Homeland Security, DHS.

I would like a legislative hearing about the need for Civilian Oversight of Police, for the ending of CIA/KGB like behavior of police, and the fixing of criminal records and compensation of victims of Connecticut Police targeting and retaliation programs.

Steven G. Erickson, PO Box Eight Seventy-Four, Brattleboro, VT 05302 (stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com)

This post shows what liars, misbehaving, law breaking, raping, robbing, beating, drinking on duty and driving, immature, miscreant scumbags most of the Connecticut State Police Force is:

Would the Anthrax Hoax and 9/11 been prevented if there was Civilian Oversight of Police as Ritt Goldstein proposed to the Connecticut Judiciary Legislative Committee back in 1996?

Will you believe Sandy Hook actually happened after viewing evidence below? "We need to talk about Sandy Hook":

Wolfgang Halbig ~ Sandy Hook Staged Government Community Capstone Exercise False Flag

Text with video:

Published on Oct 11, 2014
FULL LENGTH VIDEO -- Wolfgang Halbig, former teacher, law enforcement, and current national school safety assessment & emergency management consultant, maintains that the so-called Sandy Hook CT shootings were a staged cooperative government - community "Capstone" exercise planned years before December 2012, for the purpose of banning commonly-used firearms and limiting free speech. Halbig asserts the incident was a financial bonanza for the Newtown community and involved parents, all involved parents moving into the CT community only between 2009-2011, and all receiving over $200K each for their involvement in the exercise. Halbig's questions to Newtown are returned with silence and contempt; threat of arrest.

Many details don't add up... record shows no report of actual shots fired; no social security numbers for the dead students; 16 state troopers pre-positioned 45-60 minutes before the alleged shootings, crime does not exist on the FBI 2012 crime report, tax accessor's website shows the families got free houses on Christmas day when all government offices are closed, no one sued the school or the estate of Nancy Lanza, no parent wanted to see their children in the school, closed casket funerals, no EMT's allowed in the school, the shooter was a 112 pound weakling with a debilitating condition but shoots like Rambo....with 95% percent kill rate, and much more.

Halbig also presents the proper safety procedures that schools must follow in a code-red event and urges parents to study your local school emergency management plan.-- October 6, 2014


For more information visit:

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Pay attention to all the names in the below post. What did they know and when did they know it? John G. Rowland is the former governor of Connecticut. He took bribes from organized crime to build facilities to lock up children, Kiddie Max Prison for Kids. Child abuse went down 45% and Rowland bragged he took away more than 445% more children. These children were officially kidnapped. Corrupt officials in Connecticut are about ripping you off, processing you in courts, and abusing the public. Connecticut is not losing population year after year because Connecticut is a great place to live.

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