Monday, January 12, 2015

Cheapest Gas I saw $1.89/gallon

The cheapest gas I saw was in, or near, Pee Dee, South Carolina, $1.89/gallon. Connecticut was a $2.74. New York was $2.79. New Jersey was $2.26. Florida is 2.11 to $2.33. Expect low gasoline prices until the desired effect is achieved, Russia's economy crashed.

It is economic warfare. Russia's economy is very petroleum based.

I worried about coming down to Florida. I totally expected the UN Small Arms Treaty to be enforced right now, with all US roads be blocked, and the start of house to house searches for guns which are no longer legal in the US due to the borders being erased and treaties traitor officials have signed with equally corrupt, and evil, UN officials.

You are not going to get any large false flags being pulled inside the US until this mission is being worked on.

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