Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dichotomy of Purpose, History of the CIA

George H. W. Bush New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University youthful picture and other youthful pictures of past US Presidents was [found here]. Keywords: J. P. Morgan, NWO, Martial Law, Patriot Act, NDAA, US, Police, State, brutality, state, UN, Agenda 21. Wall St. Lyme Disease Nazi Operation Paperclip Garden Plot

Video clip compilation by Infowars (Alex Jones people) [video source]. Scroll down in post for video.

Before the Americans were in Vietnam, the French were. That area was of interest to the intelligence community because of heroin. Heroin, and cocaine, fund regime change, black operations, the starting of wars, defense contractors, bankers, and chemical companies such as Monsanto. The French Connection became the American Connection for heroin when America was in Vietnam, then Afghanistan.

Smedley Butler, the highest decorated military man in the first half of the 1900's, lets the cat out of the bag about the international banker and corporate organized crime conspiracy to erase borders and take over the world.

George H. W. Bush as head of the CIA was all about cocaine and heroin smuggling, assassinations, and about spreading misinformation to the general public.

The CIA runs operations through, and with, all major US law enforcement. What did the CIA do to all South American countries, and countries like Iran, from the 1950's? Well, the CIA, NSA, and other international espionage and spy agencies act for their customers, Central Bankers and International Organized Crime. It is about ripping you off. It is about making you sick. It is about dumbing you down. It is about sterilizing you. It is about torture. It is about indefinite detention. It is about murder.

You fund the above abuse with your taxes. Wave the flag.

The CIA was never supposed to operate INSIDE the US. The FBI was never supposed to operate OUTSIDE the US.

Text with video:
Published on Jan 15, 2015
In 1933, Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler was approached by a wealthy and secretive group of industrialists
and bankers to overthrow President FDR and establish a fascist dictatorship in the United States. The plan to install
a fascist state by force was exposed when Butler blew the whistle and identified the ringleaders in a testimony given
to the U.S. House Committee on Un-American Activities.

Senator Prescott Bush went on to help finance Hitler's rise to power and continued business dealings with the Nazi's
even after America entered the second World war.

At the end of WWII Operation Paperclip was launched by the OSS to smuggle Nazi war criminals into the United States.
The OSS provided the perfect model for the CIA which was established in 1947. The CIA's sudden rise to power gave
birth to the Military Industrial Complex. By the end of Eisenhower's presidency in 1961 it had become evident that
the Federal Govt. could no longer control the agency. The CIA had gone rogue.

Search: Smedley Butler. The Business Plot. Prescott Bush. Bush Nazi Connection. Operation Paperclip. Skull and Bones.
MK Ultra. The Church Committee.Sen Paul Wellstone Assassination. Gary Webb. Kill The Messenger. Bush Hinkley Connection.
Flight 455. Origins of ISIS

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Will covert forces funded by US taxpayers end the 2nd Amendment, Free Speech, and Censor the Internet?

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Text with video:

Published on Jan 15, 2015
CINCINNATI - U.S. officials have arrested an Ohio man in connection with a plan to attack the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, CBS News has confirmed.

Christopher Lee Cornell -- also known as Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah -- was arrested by the FBI for the attempted killing of a U.S. government officer and for possession of a firearm in furtherance of attempted crime of violence, according to the criminal complaint against him, filed in the U.S. District Court in Cincinnati.


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