Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gun Confiscation Won't Happen? Well, what about Gold Confiscation as model?

Above document pic and information on Executive Order 6102 [found here on Wikipedia].

FDR signed an executive order to ban citizens from owning gold coins and bullion back in 1933. You could be fined almost $200,000 in today's money and get ten years in prison, a felony, for having any gold other than jewelry!

What is stopping Barack Obama from signing an executive order banning gun and ammunition ownership with an executive order?

Barack Obama has proven, over and over, that he is for UN Agenda 21, World Government, international bankers, and corporate organized crime ... we the people don't rate.

If ANY elected officials were on our side, Obama would be impeached, arrested, and awaiting his trial for having committed treason, over and over, while raping and defecating on the US Constitution. 

What can possibly be done and what is wrong can be found [on this blog], scroll down for posts.


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Monsanto Corporate Whore Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas?



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