Monday, January 19, 2015

How did all out J. Edgar Hoover domestic spying work out for MLK?

Cross-dresser, transvestite, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, a racist, hated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Hoover had King's telephone, hotel room, and bedroom bugged and tapped. Hoover tried to wreck King's marriage, destroy his reputation, and drive King to suicide. How is all out spying working for the current economy and quality of life for all of us today?

Got Freedom? 

Domestic spying is also used to set up the famous, and not so famous, for being murdered, discredited, beaten, and/or set for false arrest and prison. MLK was. An African American and Hispanic Connecticut State Police Trooper warned me, Steven G. Erickson, that White Officers put me on a list to be murdered, arrested, beaten up, and/or discredited etc. [That story, Sandy Hook, and gun confiscation post].

White Officers have to have limited intelligence to be a Connecticut State Police Officer. Women and minorities have to be hired in specific numbers. So, most of the quota-hires are more intelligent, caring, and do not go along with the White Male Corruption Culture in the Connecticut State Police. Other departments across the nation are possibly as racist and corrupt. The Connecticut State Police version of CSI would drop watermelon rinds, chicken bones near deceased African Americans, or stage dead, murdered, bodies in racist, sexually inappropriate positions, allegedly putting a dildo in one Hispanic's butt, and sending sexist and racist emails to each other with captions and digital photos.


A real popular word search term is, "Connecticut State Trooper stole cash out of my wallet."

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