Saturday, January 24, 2015

Is Bag Balm Ointment going out of business?

I used this on my daughter's face when she was a baby. She had such a bad rash that would not go away, it was dry and kept getting worse. The absolutely only medicine or ointment that would work is Bag Balm, made in Vermont.

My aunt had a split in her heal from dry skin. It was the only ointment, or medicine that would work on her dry skin on her feet. She no longer limped and bled from the heal on her foot. Bag Balm brought her feet back where she was not embarrassed to wear sandals, flip-flops, or to go barefoot.

My hands looks like that of a 20 year old. It is all I use on my hands in the Winter. Cut with regular lotion is will keep your back from itching like crazy.

I've taped deep cuts that I should have gotten stitches for. I either had no scar after, or just a slight one. I have crashed motorcycles quite badly out in the trails and out on the road. 

As far as I know it has been a word of mouth product that has been behind the pharmacy counters at Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, etc. You just have to ask for it.

It was originally come up with to soften a cow's utter for milking, and still is. On a snowy Winter day, if the cow's teats are red, raw, and sore, she will kick and not want to be milked. Bag balm can make dry skin subtle like butter. Hands down it is great for any kind of rash. Some Vermonters call it, "Penis Cream".  

Sexually active men and women use it for a preventative for certain outbreaks. An older guy who still has sex two, three or more times a day, it is a must. Political activists who don't do drugs, don't drink, and don't eat comfort food have to have some sort of fun, right? Eat healthy, no GMO, and no drugs and alcohol, and keep a tin of Bag Balm around and you too, can have sex like the young, rich, and famous.

If you are prepping for Martial Law, bag balm is something that is a "must have". If I can't find Bag Balm locally, I am going to order it on Amazon, as much as I can afford. 


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Ivory Soap which floats when you bathe in a river, stream, or lake does not pollute the environment. I also use it to wash my clothes in a large lobster pot on a camp fire. The EPA has already made the woodstoves that work best and keep me warm, illegal. Barbecues and campfires are next. F the EPA.

Here is how you make soap if you run out:


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